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Hello All.. Where Did You Start For Needling/dermarolling?

Background: First, let me say that I appreciate anyone taking the time to read this. I am ready to start the process of improving my life. I'm sure most of you know how depressing life with scars can be, and I can put it on the backburner no longer.

I had crazy acne in my adolescence, and I couldn't tell you what kind because I have repressed my memory of most of ages 12-15. Then I took accutane for six months. Wow, did I think that was the miracle cure. It certainly eliminated the problem. I'm not sure if it has anything to do with my current state or not, but of course you always wonder.

I enjoyed the second half of high school, and college was outrageous. I had plenty of scars, but it seemed minimal in retrospect, and I was happy. I got attention from women and had plenty of friends. I also smoked a lot of weed, so that helped. I got busted for a small amount, and the stress of dealing with getting kicked out of the dorms and figuring out life caused me to smoke more (and cigarettes as well.) As much as I think a bit of weed in moderation is better for everyone, the excess coupled with cigarette smoke gave me a tough end to the roaring 20s here and now.

When I was 23, my girlfriend got pregnant and we had our amazingly beautiful son. We are together as one small family, but life is challenging trying to start your career in a job market that is perpetually declining when you don't feel good about yourself.

Today: The scars are there, but now I have enlarged pores and wrinkles as well. I'm only 28. I have icepick and boxcar scars, a few deep, but mostly shallow. However, they are present pretty much everywhere, including my temples and neck. Those of you with problems only on your cheeks are VERY. LUCKY. I tend to sleep on my stomach, and I have wrinkles under my eyes from where my face scrunches when I sleep. I am a colorful person who makes a lot of facial expressions, so I have smile lines and crinkles in my forehead from constantly raising my eyebrows. I also have a couple of non-acne scars from one drunken night where my face met the pavement.

So where to start? I am worried mostly because it feels like I don't heal from anything. I have a much better diet than during my early 20s, but I feel like I have declined a lot even though the partying stopped 5 years back and my diet improved considerably. No more weed, no more cigarettes, but I do drink a few times a week. I will be eliminating that several months before I begin treatment.

My plan is to first see a doctor to get a physical and make sure I'm not secretly deficient in something that will prevent healing from any procedure. Then I think a dermatologist would be a good idea, although I'm not sure if that's necessary before going to where I found to have the CIT (which I think is the same as needling?) I feel like needling and trying to stimulate collagen growth is the best option for me given my likelihood of discoloration with lasers or anything too risky.

Not only that, but I have limited availability for downtime so needling really seems like the best answer.

Is there anyone out there that is dealing with wrinkles in their late 20s? I feel like I'm the only one.

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