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18 Y/o Female - Starting My Own Log! :)

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Hi everyone! smile.png

I didn't really plan on making a log, but since I'm already taking pictures of my face (quite diligently, lol) I figured that I might as well share my experience as I go through biggrin.png

So a bit of backstory; I'm turning 18 this December, I weigh 45~47kg and I started to get acne around the age of 11 or 12 - basically as soon as I hit puberty. I've attached a picture of my acne a day before taking Accutane. I don't really know how severe my acne is (maybe you guys can tell me?) but it's very persistent and I don't really remember having a clear face.

I went to the dermatologist 5 days ago. It was my first time seeing a derm and I was prescribed Accutane after about 5 minutes of her inspecting my face and asking me a couple of questions about body acne (I don't have any) and my skincare. She gave me the prescription pretty fast, all I had to do was sign a form saying that I won't get pregnant while taking the medication. I know a lot of places make you take blood tests, etc but I live in Malaysia where I guess the regulations aren't that strict and pre-marital pregnancies aren't something you hear a lot about. She also prescribed me Prednisolone tablets, Differin gel, and Cetaphil facewash for oily skin. Seems like a lot to me, especially since it's my first time seeing a derm but I can't say I'm not excited to try these new things. lol

As I'm typing now, it's Day 4 and so far nothing has really happened yet but I'll update every week! Hope everything goes well smile.png

Sooo to summarise, here's what I'm taking:

Accutane 20mg/day

Prednisolone 5mg/day (x2)

Differin 0.1% gel every night


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Thanks guys! :D As for the Prednisolone, I'm not exactly sure what it is but the doc mentioned that it was to reduce any inflammation. I don't know how long I'll be taking it though.. >.<

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Week 1

So I'm at the end of Day 7, and that completes week 1 :) So far, nothing too dramatic has happened:

-The breakout I had before I was on Accutane has calmed down a LOT. Skin texture is much less bumpy.

-SLIGHTLY drier skin, I noticed some light flaking around my cheeks which doesn't happen normally.

-Some headaches, but none of them are particularly bad and I don't know if it's related to the accutane because it's exam season and I'm under a lot of stress.

-No breakouts, but I can feel some new pimples forming near my cheeks and I'm pretty sure a cyst is forming under my chin too. D'oh >.<

I expected my lips to get dry sooner because I'm not very diligent with my water intake, but I guess the side effects hasn't really started yet. Everything looks good though. Will update soon! :D

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Congratulations on finishing your first week. Going by your pictures, your face does look a little bit better. My acne was somewhat similar to yours on my first accutane course (about 10 years ago). I've decided to kick acne to the curb for good and do a 2nd round. Although my first accutane course didn't clear me 100%, I'd say that I saw about 70% improvement, which has lasted permanently.

I'm on day 19 of my second course and I finally saw some changes today!

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Hang in there! I feel for you and your pain. Your not alone in this and there is people like me who have/are going through this right along with you.

I want you to know that I can honestly see a big difference in your pictures. Wow! And only a week in!!!

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Week 2

I'll try to get some pics up soon since I'm not really feeling up for it now lol. Sooo, there's been quite a change to my skin.

-My chin is looking great! No pimples, not even a blackhead. My chin is normally HORRIBLY congested with inflammation and spots, etc so for me this is amazing news.

-Cheeks are OK, some spots but they're small and they're not that swollen. I haven't had a cyst since I've started taking the accutane!

-Forehead and nose clear too but I never really get anything there.

-I forgot to put Vaseline on my lips before I went to bed a couple days ago and when I woke up they were horribly dry and they kept bleeding when I spoke. Eep. Not gonna take the Vaseline for granted anymore!

-The overall skin texture of my face is looking great - no telltale bumps or flakiness when I wear concealer or foundation :D Red marks are looking ANGRY though, but I'm not that bothered about that because they're all flat and easy enough to cover.

-I noticed that the blackheads on my nose aren't as bad. Normally after extractions etc. they'd come back after a few days but now they've reduced quite a lot.

-My skin is still oily, especially around my nose. But overall I'm happy enough :)

I met with my derm today and she said she'd keep me on the 20mg's for another month. After that, depending on the results, she'd lower the dose to 10mg or keep me on 20mg. Is that normal? I'm not that heavy but I sort of expected her to raise the dosage up to at least 40mg, cause that seems to be the common dosage but it looks like she's not even considering that. >.<

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I've never heared of lowering the dose either.. Except maybe when side effects are really bad. Did you ask her if it's possible to up the dosage?

Anyway, your update is looking good! Hopefully things will only get better now :)

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Not really, I just asked her what she planned to do with regards to the dosage later on >.< Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I'm on Differin as well though? I'll make sure to clear some things up (hehehe) next time I see her.

Anyway, I might have celebrated too soon.. It's Day 18 and I have 6-7 new spots (plus bumps under the skin) and a lot of them are on places where I don't normally get them, like on my nose and upper lip. Seems like an Accutane breakout eusa_think.gif I hope it doesn't get too bad!

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