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I got a pimple/zit from cell phone use earlier this week. It was on a part of my cheek where the skin is a little more delicate so I decided not to pop it. It was a red blotch at first and then became a whitehead. I used Acne.org's treatment as as a spot treatment.

This is working excellently. It has flattened and faded quite a bit.

I wanted to to make three points:

1. If you have sensitive skin NEVER hold a cell phone against your cheek. Get a bluetooth headset or use a speakerphone or be very careful. I personally dislike bluetooth headsets so I'm looking for another option...maybe a retro handset is the way to go.

2. My new philosophy is that if I can't really feel the pimple I don't pop it. I let the treatment work its magic on it. I can live with a

whitehead for three days. I also figure if I can't feel the pimple its probably not a deep one and can maybe heal up quickly.

3. The 2.5% treatment mixture is a damn good as an on-the-spot solution but I'm sure everyone knows that already.

Thanks for reading. grinwink.gif

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Get Clear > Avoiding Irritation mentions to not smoosh cell phones against your cheek as well as things to think about that might cause / aggravate acne.

Also you shouldn't pop pimples at all actually. You're far more likely to damage your skin and leave scarring when you pop them. If you let them heal on their own they may leave scarring but it goes away within 4-6 months, as opposed to possibly never if you pick them. Using the Regimen regularly prevents acne from forming at all (that's what it's intended to do primarily - prevent acne)

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