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Taking Accutane With A Meal Or On An Empty Stomache? The Truth Anyone?

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The reason why i bring this topic up is because it doesn't feel normal taking accutane right after you eat. I've taken oral antibiotics for 2 years prior to accutane and my derm, as well as the directions said to take the pill an hour before eating or 2 hours after eating. Yet i'm still getting mixed answers from people. I hear you're supposed to take accutane with something fatty like a PB&J sandwich, which I have been doing thus far. I also asked my derm about this and he said no, you don't need to take it with something fatty. Also for those of you who did or do take accutane with a meal do you drink water after swallowing the pill? Wouldn't that just dilute the pill with your water and not absorb the tane into your "fatty food". Maybe i'm just over thinking this, but I'd like people's thoughts on this.

Thank you!

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I am on accutane too and I always take it after my biggest meal, the reason is that accutane is a drug that digests better into your system after food. I take mine after my meal with water, some take it with milk but to be honest as long your taking the medication every day it shouldn't make a big difference as to what you eat with it. Good luck !

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I start accutane in 29 days and this is something that really worries me...I only eat once a day and really don't plan on factoring in another meal O.O I hope it absorbs regardless!

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Since Accutane is fat soluble you'll have to take it with food or your body won't absorb it all. This is not a matter of opinion, it's a fact.

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Accutane is best absorbed into the bloodstream after a high-fat meal, because the fat molecules will provide a path for the dissolved isotretinoin to be absorbed into the bloodstream. The dosage and timing of the Accutane acne treatment can greatly affect the overall efficacy of the product.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/613257

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