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What Do I Do Best For My Acne Scars ?

Dear Friends,

I am 35 years old Indian so I have a brown skin but my skin is not an average Indian skin, as in I have a little fairer skin compared to an average Indian Skin. I have been having Acne Scars since my Teens. I have a very, very sensitive skin. I also have Rosacea which keeps aggrevating on and off. Like I have days when it is very intense and days when it is absolutely not visible. I have had almost all sorts of treatments so far to elevate the scars on my cheeks from Dermabrasion to Micro-Dermabrasion to a one time Glycolic Acid Peel. None of those has helped the appearance of scars. The Dermabrasion that I did was just for once which the Doctor said in the first sitting he could not do it more deep for various reasons and then I did not feel like doing it again because I am a working Man and my priorities in life don’t allow me for that Kind of Downtime. So the Traditional Dermabrasion is out of question. Micro-Dermabrasion I did quite a few sessions but that really didn’t give any desired results it was just a waste of time and money. So I am kind of not in favour of Micro-Dermabrasion. I also did a Glycolic Acid peel once, just once and the results were horrible it gave a post peel permanent hyper-pigmentation on my forehead (Only on my Forehead, where as it was applied all over my face) which till date I am struggling to get off with and there after I have not repeated it because I don’t know if my skin will tolerate it or not? I have not tried Lasers and from what I understand is it is more suited for aging skin, fine wrinkles and it is a expensive and on going affair may take several sessions before anything is visible so cant just keep doing it on and on…

I want to ask you guys what could be the best treatment for my kind of scars, which I would say are Shallow to Medium Scars couple of them actually Deep. A thought that again touches my mind is, maybe I should give peel another try and this time should think about TCA Peel as it goes further deep but I am mighty scared of things going horrible wrong as it did with my first ever experience of Glycolic Peel. If I were to think about a Peel mainly to make my skin even and to look it more brighter which peel should I consider ? Glycolic, TCA don’t know if I should go for Phenol ?

Thanks in Advance !

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