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Exactly How Long Can We Stay On The Birth Control Pill?

Nothing has worked so well as the BCP for my hormonal acne (as I'm sure all of you girls on the pill know, it is a miracle worker) because it cuts my oil production down...I've been on 3 different types of birth control pills since I was 17, I'm 22 now.....The few times I've tried to go off it, and go the more natural route (tried staying off it for max 4 months), my severe cystic acne has returned and my hair is drenched in oil after the second day.....these cysts are HUGE and leave grossly permanent scarring on me.

Right now, I just started back up the pill, and from taking that 4-month break, I have 3 cysts on my face, a ton of pimples on my chin and forehead. My acne is so painful, it hurts to move my face..my nose is swollen from a cyst...my chin is itchy because it is covered with pimples and zits...I cannot even walk around my family without having to put on heavy cover up...

.So my question, how long do you plan to stay on it? It seems from looking at my mom's history of acne that if I want to stay clear...I will be on it until I'm 40...lol......antibiotics work well, but I have to take high doses every day and I'm not sure I want to deal with the long-term side effects of that....

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Hello. I'm from the uk and I'm on microgynon and have been since I was 19 (I'm now 26) I'm not planning on having children so I will stay on it as long as possible!

I have never had a break from the pill but friends have told me as soon as they come off it they break out very badly.

Honest answer, I don't know but like I said I've been on it a fair few years and have no intentions of coming off it!

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From what I understand about the Pill, it obviously varies from brand to brand because of the amount and type of hormones involved, but after middle age it is not advised to stay on any birth control pills because the risk of developing blood clots and other serious side effects are heightened. This is always a risk but after your 30s I think the risk grows by quite a bit.

I speak from research/talking to others I know who are on various BCPs. I have never taken them nor do I intend to. So keep that in mind when considering my advice. haha.

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I was told by my GYN that i would have to come off of it around 35. But I am glad to be off of them. They were causing me problems I didn't even know about, not to mention my moods were awful. It was helping my acne though. Ever since coming off of them this latest time, I have had jawline breakouts and under my chin stuff that i never had before.

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