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Pimple Or Cold Sore?

I had a small bump on the edge of my lip that was there for about a week, but I ended up bothering it today by biting it lightly (on accident), and it seems to have become a pimple (or is it a cold sore?)

I've had a similar bump before the stayed near my chin for a week or two and finally turned into a pimple which quickly disappeared after surfacing, but the fact that this bump occurred on the edge of my lip is scaring me. I don't have a camera to take a picture of it, but it looks extremely similar to the picture found here:


Do you think this is a pimple that finally came to the surface or possibly a cold sore? I've never had a cold sore before, and the last time I kissed / had sexual contact was 4 months ago.


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A cold sore would be extremely painful. Not that having a pimple on the edge of your lip is a treat either. I've had both.

Cold Sore-

Itches and burns

Red and Swollen

Blisters not just with one bump but with a cluster of bumps to form a large blister.

Blister is filled with clear, virus, liquid.-DO NOT POP. The virus inside is extremely contagious. It will spread.

Always, always wash your hands after treating a cold sore. Trying not to spread it to other areas on your face.

A cold sore generally lasts anywhere from 7-10 days. It can take 2weeks to heal.

Lip pimple can mimicked some of these symptoms to a lesser degree. It still may be red, swollen, and feel irritating. The pimple/bump on your lip is key to understanding if it just that: a pimple. If you see white pus-more than likely it is a pimple. Also, it shouldn't be popped either. If it doesn't go away in 10 days-I would go see a Dr.

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It looks like a pimple to me, but I was worried because I've never had a pimple this close to my lip before (Literally on the very edge of it). I hope it will be going away shortly!

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