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Emergency Papule Treatment

Hello. For the past few days I have had a papule on my forehead. This is not the first one I've had there, and usually I just wait for them to go away. (I have since taken steps to prevent them but this one still managed to appear.) I have a very important event in 11 days that I need to look my best for, so I have been trying my hardest to keep up my skin condition. However, today my brother made some stupid comment about the papule and it got me all worried, so later I tried to squeeze it. Of course this didn't work, and now it is a dark red color. I tried a treatment involving sea salt and apple vinegar, but I had to substitute sea salt for kosher salt. Of course, this didn't work either. How can I get rid of this in 11 days, or at least how do I get it to look better enough that I can cover it up with very light makeup, even though I'm a guy? I am considering going to my dermatologist, but he might not be available for a few days.

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First of all don't squeeze it or mess with it again.

If you're not sensitive to BP then use something like Neutrogena On The Spot (can be found at Walgreens) or Zapzyt or something. BP will work the fastest.

Also take some ibuprofen to make the swelling go down.

If all else fails, wear some concealer on the spot, there's no shame in that.

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