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It's been a very long time since i posted anything on this website. Well heres a little update on my acne situation. I still have full blown acne sadly but im just pushing throughing it and not letting it get to me to much. So much stuff has changed. I finally moved out of my moms house and now im out in the city all on my own. It was really hard at first. But im getting use to it. If theres one thing i learned from this whole acne pandemic is i don't think to much about what people think about me anymore. Just stay focused on what have to do and be happy that you have air in your lungs and that your breathing. Yes it is very hard but if i can get through this u can to. I was so anti social a couple months ago, just staying at home doing nothing with my life. I have let acne hold me back from life to much and it has taken alot from me but im living my life to the fulliest now and def enjoying it. :) But i gotta say there has been some pretty awkward situations & moments where i was thinking to myself why meeeeeeee!!!!!! I stay at my friends house rite now but its just temporary. I should be getting my own apt in about 2 weeks. I'm so pumped that i'm getting back out there and actually living my life. I'm actually exicted about my future. Man i do not know what i would be without god he has helped me so much through this trail, tribulation. God is good :) Heres a tip its all about your mind set. If you focus on what you dont have and think about all the negative stuff you will be consumed by your thoughts and next thing you know your actions will be speaking your mind. Be happy that your alive and have a roof over your head. When i got kicked out of my mom house i was homeless for 2 days and omg no words can describe how i felt. I couldn't believe that this is actually happening to me but it was a wake up call. Acne was the last thing i was worried about when i was on the streets. The point is be thankfull and just keep a postitive outlook on life because you will never know when it could all just be taken away from you in a blink of an eye. God bless and i pray that you have the courage and strength to get what your going through!! god bless.

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