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Blondie Girl

The Awkward Moment When... (Play It Fun)

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I know that we all feel in the same way about our acne, so I decided to make it a little fun!!! You have to play with "The awkward moment when..." related to your acne or a situation related! So we can laugh a little about ourselves (It feels good sometimes) and forget for a minute

about how hard is life living with Acne:

I start:

- The awkward moment when in a sleepover all your friends are already sleeping, and you are forever in the bathroom removing make up and cleaning your face.

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When you've painstakingly applied a heap of makeup to a pimple you have picked at atrociously, it dries out and cracks while you're play fighting with your boyfriend, it bleeds everywhere and you have to hide in the bathroom for fifteen minutes because it won't stop bleeding.

I hated my life that day. :lol:

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when your coach looks at you intently and asks you "Oh did you hit your face on something?!" with much worry in his voice and your only available response is "No..." haha

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when you get home from being out on the town socializing, look in the mirror, and realize you've had 3 giant whiteheads form on your chin sometime between when you left the house and when you got back.

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