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Hi everyone, first post here.

I'm a male 16-year-old, and I've been on Roaccutane (I'm from South America) for a few months already. I'm pretty happy with the results so far. I took 20mg for the first 3 months and 1 week, and been taking 40mg for about 1 week and a half. I know these doses may sound quite low for you, but, actually, they're pretty common in my country. And that's why the side effects are insignificant to me (heck, who cares about having their lips dry while they get their skin clear?).

Anyhow, while I don't have more than just a few little tiny spots (you can only see them with some dramatic light) on my forehead, I have a few marks left in my forehead and cheeks from a breakout I got a few months ago (on my left and right cheeks) before going on the 'tane. I stupidly picked at them. It was very painful, it got all red, I can't believe I was THAT stupid to do it. Well, we can't go back in time, can we?

The thing is that, while they ARE fading, I have this big trip coming up in exactly 2 months and I want to get rid of these marks as much as I can. I'm very white-toned, so these red marks look really bad with sunlight or any other kind of bright light. I don't have any scars (more than just, perhaps, some little indents right next to my left eyebrow), so I consider myself lucky for that tongue.png

My routine is very, very simple. Sunscreen when going out (non comedogenic, +50 SPF, from La Roche-Posay), moisturizer (Effaclar H from La Roche-Posay), cocoa butter for my lips, LOTS of water during the day, and just some mild glycerin soap I've been using for a couple years already, even before going on Accutane. I know you guys say it's pretty harsh on the skin, but, actually, I'm very careful when applying it, and I always apply moisturizer after a shower (I look great after taking a shower, btw).

That routine is working quite well for me, but I'm not doing anything at all for the marks, which I've had since April/May from this year. I had a microdermabrasion done last month, while on Accutane (don't ask, it was my derm's idea). While it helped a little with the marks on my cheeks, it was extremely harsh and painful, and it broke me out a little bit. Not going to have that done EVER AGAIN.

So, my skin is very sensitive, specially now I'm on Accutane. What do you suggest I should do to treat my marks, someway that doesn't hurt my skin? I've heard about apple cider vinegar and lemon juice, but I'm not really into home remedies. I'm not sure, you guys seem to have a lot of experience on this, so I would appreciate some help. Thanks! biggrin.png

I also tried aloe vera a couple months ago, but unfortunately, it broke me out a little bit, and didn't do much. I was using the one directly from a plant I found in my neighborhood, and then made a gel out of it. No luck.

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any product with hydroquinone would help fade those red marks. i am using ambi fade cream right now. it has 2% hydroquinone or you can ask your derm to give you something with a much higher percentage of it

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Thanks for the piece of advice!

How's it like applying it? Does it itch or burn? I've heard about hydroquinone before but I never thought I could use it while on Accutane. Have you done that?

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sure!! i got the ambi cream for normal skin and it seems to be fine. i dont feel anything its just like applying regular lotion to your face. i dont know how it would work on accutane so you might want to check with your derm first or google it but its a low enough percentage that i dont see how how it could do any harm. check first though to be sure.

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Alright, thanks! I Googled "Hydroquinone" to find out more about it, but also read it was some sort of cancerous product? I'm not quite sure about it, to be honest, but I'll definitely talk to my derm about it in my next appointment.

Anyone else has any ideas of any mild treatments for marks while being on Accutane?

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you will be fine using the hydroquinone. i think its only if people are using it in high percentages. they have other skin lighteners out there though. you can go to ulta.com or sephora.com and do a search. i found this one called meladerm online that i want to try out but its around $50 so we shall see. it got great reviews though.

i found this stuff online and it seems pretty cheap - http://www.ulta.com/ulta/browse/productDetail.jsp?skuId=2136720&productId=xlsImpprod1460030&navAction=push&navCount=1&categoryId=cat940007&CAWELAID=381614865

it has good reviews

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The reviews are indeed very positive!

That product has a combination of Hydroquinone, Glycolic and Vitamin E - that can just mean quick results! :P

I'll definitely talk to my derm about it. I'm still a little scared of using products for marks while being on Accutane :|

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Im in a very similar position to you i.e on a low dose of 20mg roaccutane and and although my acne has cleared I'm left with lots of red marks.

I would not suggest to use in creams or product that are not natural on roaccutane. Firstly most of those ones like Meladerm, Zenmed etc don't work and your are definAtely not to take them when on 'tane.

I have been using rose hip oil and it's been just on two months and my skin is well on it's way to looking better and my red marks have reduced at least 50%. Who knows whether it's just time or the oil, but I won't stop using it just in case. Google rose hip oil and acne scars to read reviews. I use Trilogy rose hip which is 100% pure.

And most importantly it is safe to use while on taney and also with the extra benefit of being extremely moisturizing.

I use 3 big drops on my face at night and massage into my scars for 1 min and then just 2 small drops in the morning after my shower.

Oh and to add... Those 'good' reviews you have read are generally written by the Marketers of the brand!

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And one more thing... Manuka honey masks! Today my Red marks look so much lighter than other days and I was wondering why.. Then I remembered I gave myself a manuka honey mask last night which is great for redness.. Looks like it has worked!!!

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Thanks for the suggestions! I've heard about Rose Hip Oil before too, but isn't it too greasy? I still get some tiny little pimples on my cheeks (that go away in a day or 2), but I wouldn't want to get a breakout from it.

Where can you get manuka honey? I'm not from the US, so I'm not quite sure what that is. And how do you apply it? Is it gentle on the skin?

Also, I wanted to ask if maybe taking Vitamin E helps. I heard it's great for the marks, but I've never taken any vitamins before. What do you think?

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It is an oil but if you use the smallest amount it should be ok, in saying that I don't have any pimples now so can't say for certain.

You can buy the honey online but just make sure it's 100% organic and it's activity level (UMF) is at least 10+.... I paid around $22 AUD for a small tub. Google it's benefits and history to get the background. you just layer it on like a mask.

Vitamins didnt really work for me, but they do say rather than swallow the vitamin, break open the gel cap and rub the vitamin e directly onto your skin.

But really,TIME cures all unfortunately, but I think in 2 months yours should have faded quiet a bit. Just remember roaccutane makes your marks look redder then they actually are.

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