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--Val Pal--

Acne On My Neck!

so for the past like 2 or 3 months my neck and underneath my chin started breaking out a lot more. i NEVER got acne on my neck.i have always had it on my chin/jawline but thats where it has ALWAYS been. bc of the acne i have been putting more concealer on that area, but before i had acne there i NEVER put make up there, only on my face (where my acne has been since a teenager). idk why my neck is like this and it is soooo depressing. what could be causing it? awhile back (maybe 5 or more months ago?) i started adding drops of jojoba oil in my moisterizer that i rub all over my face and neck. for awhile nothing at all happened, and the oil was really helping to moisturize. but this is the only thing i can think that has been leading to these breakouts (unless its some psycho hormone related thing). it even got to where i had a HUGE cyst (ended up being fluid filled) that i had to get surgically removed bc it was right above my carotid artery and my doctor was worried. i have had cysts before too (like sebaceous cysts on diff parts of my body that went away with antibiotics) but this one i feel is related to my neck acne and whatever is causing my breaks outs. also now that one is gone from surgery, i have this other bigger bump appearing and i am PRAYING PRAYING that is is not another cyst. i dont wana go back on antibiotics and have another surgery! has anyone experienced breakouts on neck like this??do u think its from jojoba??maybe my skin on my neck has built up an bad reaction to it? im going to stop using it but still idk if that is goin to reverse my acne on my neck. *sad sad sad* i just want it to go away =(

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The only thing I can think of Val, is that it might be worth getting an allergy test to see if there's anything you use which may cause it. Might not even be products which are specifically acne related; it could be soap, perfume, fabric softener or something like that. Be worth thinking back, see if there's anything like that which you've changed over the last few months.

Can certainly see what you'd want to get to the bottom of it as soon as possible because you wouldn't want what happened last time to happen again. Could be useful to ask your doctor about that and see if it was just a one-off thing or if it's possible that other cysts could turn out like that. They may end up suggesting antibiotics of course but, even if it's something you're not too keen it, it could be a good idea to do a short course which would bring that area under control and give it a chance to clear up and heal properly.

As far as the Jojoba goes, I've been using it on my face for the last couple of months. I haven't been applying it directly much, only a few times. Most of the time I mix it into Manuka honey as that's what I'm using as a cleanser in my current regimen. I also put a few drops of Tea Tree in there. We're all different and we all react to different things, of course, but from my own use of Jojoba, I can't imagine that it would cause that kind of response. Unless it were some sort of allergy, but you could check that. If you were happy enough to keep using the Jojoba, maybe you could get some Tea Tree and add a few drops each time you apply it, that might go some way towards helping killing it off.

I've no experience of acne anywhere other than on my face so don't have any experience in terms of how acne in that kind of area develops or responds to treatments, but there are plenty of people here who will know more about it so I'm sure someone will check in and perhaps be able to offer you a bit more advice.

Good luck! :)

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hey val. you can look at my blog I posted today that included pics of my acne back in january of this year. I had horrible breakouts on my jawline and neck area. For me, it was the cleanser and soap/shampoo I was using

I cannot use sodium laureyl/laureth sulfate anymore. There was a new shampoo I was using, some Loreal kind that was very expensive, but I started getting these horrible cysts and super painful pimples on my jawline and neck. I used it for about 4 months until I discovered acne.org and learned a lot. I stopped using it when I suspected it could have been the cause. I also around the time started using proactiv's gentle formula-salicylic acid- which also caused a lot of problems. Once I stopped using these two items, my skin stopped breaking out sooooo bad.

So bottom line, I would just avoid soap or maybe look at your shampoo that may be causing it. Also, when you wash your face, it's easy for soap to just hang on your jawline/neck and not be completely washed off. Hope this helps!

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My neck, under my jaw on the left side really flared up a few months ago. I was using no soap on it really and basically paid no attention to my neck before that. All of a sudden, I had many clogged pores in that area, and many of them slowly inflamed for a period of several months. I'm not sure what caused it unless it was me touching the area too much or some hormone thing, I got my period back after about 6 months without no period shortly before it started getting clogged. Good news is there's like only a couple clogged pores left now, this flare up seems to be burning out on it's own after a few months. At one point I picked at it and got several big cysts, two died down shortly and one turned into a huge boil that was very large on my neck. I was so worried. It drained on it's own after a few weeks. Turned out to not be as big of an issue as I made it. If you ever do have to have a cyst drained again, I wonder if it would help for the doctor to take a culture to make sure it's acne bacteria and that the area didn't somehow get a localized infection to see if that makes a difference for how it is treated. I think the doctors like antibiotics for both, but maybe the kind is different. I try to treat this topically with hibiclens cleanser and spot treat growing pimples with 20% tea tree oil so they don't grow as much. I read hibiclens and tea tree oil are good for both acne and infection so I figure I'll cover both bases in one swoop.

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