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Ladies: Accutane And Other Birth Control Options


24 year old female here suffering from cystic acne for 6 years.

I was on accutane along with loestrin24fe from Jan 2010-June 2010. My skin looked great! It was a pleasant experience.It also boosted my confidence. However, it gradually came back 5 months later.

Now I am about to go on accutane for a second time on october 24th. I already started loestrin24fe.

I am planning my *ahem* first time. I was considering all forms of second birth control methods.

Has anyone tried birth control pills along with spermicide? How Effective is this combination in your experience?

and have you tried the same methods while on accutane?

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I tried this spermicide film (called Vaginal Contraceptive Film), but it made me start bleeding. It wasn't like period bleeding it was like bright red like when you get a cut and it went away the next day, so it was def the spermicide. I wanted to try the Today Sponge but I can't because I'm allergic to Sulfa. I'm on the NuvaRing so you can't use a diaphram / cervical cap, but if you're on a pill BC, both of those would be options if you don't want to use condoms.

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