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I pray that this goes well.

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So. Here's the story :

About 5 months ago I awoke to see 5 little white dots on my cheek. I left them alone. A month into them just hanging out, BAM, they turned into huge pimples. 5 months later, they still remain as red marks, still quite dark.

about 2 months go, I got 5 right between my eyebrows. SHIT, I thought. If THESE turn into what THOSE were (my cheek), I'm FUCKED!

So I left them alone, waiting for the devastation of my forehead to come.

Tonight, I gently squeezed one of them (they're fairly close together) and PLOOP. Little white pus came out.

laugh.gif < ME.

So I did it to the rest of them.

This is either going to FUCK ME harder than I've ever been fucked with acne, or quite simply, they're gone.

They LOOK gone. But we all know how that ends up.

I'll keep you all posted.

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i dont want to say this for fear that it will turn around on me, but if i see a pimple and its right on the surface..all ready to go..i will pop it. i just can't have pus coming from my face, it looks so dirty. i've never really scarred from doing this and ive been doing it since i was about 14 or 15. now that im older, i might scar some (heard its easier) but back then, nothing happened. hope it works out for you..i just wanted to let you know about how my face reacted- that not everyone scars.

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Yes, but they weren't pimples.

I don't pop red pimples. That makes them stay for an added 4 fucking months.

These were little white dots. Ready to all turn into big red pimples at the same time.

I'll let you know tommorow morning what they look like. bb_eusa_think.gif

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