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Alright so i decided to start a log ..... Ive read several on here that has given me a lot of hope , so im hoping if this works for me it ll do the same for others .... Ive got a blog going on but for some reason a log makes more since

Im currently on day 15

Well i guess ill start off with my prier two weeks to give an update on my journey with this reg

Now after finding this site i quickly ran to the nearest drug store and found some bp .... yea realized i got 10% which dan says try to avoid .... well i didnt want to wait so i start just using that ...... oh boy how my face freakin hated me that first week !!!! I burned the crap around my mouth and chin, and soooome how i got in on my eye lids..... yea still trying to recover after that mistake !!!! SO IF YOUR NEW TO THIS REG .... DO EVERYTHING IN YOUR POWER TO SERIOUSLY AVOID ANYWHERE NEAR YOUR EYE !!!!

Okay so from this point on im going to just copy and paste what i put in my blog ... so this first log is going to be long ....


Ive had acne since about 6th grade. YEA THAT LONG ! I am now 26 and thought by this point age would make it go away.

Ive hid behind makeup for as long as i can remember. Which at the beginning i had no idea that it would only create more problems.

During high school like most teens it flared up at its worse.

I tried everything from over the counter to proactive - to even a round of accutane . Accutane helped a little but my results werent the best. So i gave up , and didnt do the second round.

So i have been researching acne for about a year now. IVE HAD ENOUGH ! Tried home remedy's which helped. Lemon juice and egg whites are awesome. But didnt do anything as completely clearing me up, just put a dint in it.

I wish i had time to sit here and discribe all my acne troubles and trials but we would be here allll night. I just want to get to the point of not having to wear makeup anymore. To be able to run out the door and not feel horrible through out the day. I avoid mirrors at all cost .

Ive been on Dan's reg. for about a week now, and im loving the results im getting. I can def tell a difference already. Which is saying a lot. Ive got a couple new ones since starting it but they quickly go away, and without me popping them. Im trying my hardest not to. After the 3rd day i got super freakin dry, hurt like crap ! But i think it was bc i didnt have good enough most. so i changed it to cep. which i havent had any problems since. I am sticking with this, after reading so many peoples stories i figured whats there to lose, could only help right.

I wanted to create a blog so i can look back and see my improvements.

DAY 10

So i woke up this morning and felt a few new pimples , They felt like they were going to be HUGE !!! BUT when i looked in the mirror they were actually quite small smile.png I had a feeling that they were coming up anyways bc i could feel them under the skin but hadnt appeared yet. Today is my day off , so a brake from makeup smile.png I am so fighting the urge to pop them !!!! Ive got enough scaring as is , no need to add to the rest of it. Anyways, still hopeful .

I think my face is finally getting used to the bp, i almost feel like im putting TO MUCH MOST. ON . I dont even know if thats possible, but i felt like my skin was over oily due to it last night. So im going to cut down a little on it and see what happens. I really want to ramp up the dosage of the bp now, but it says to wait til after 2 weeks ....

Anyways..... off to enjoy my day off smile.png

Oh trying to get on the drinking water thing, I KNOW I NEED TO ! It should be the only thing im drinking, my fluid in take consist of coffee in the morning ( a few cups ) and energy drinks through out the day. I KNOW I KNOW bad !!! So i started cutting down on those, now to make water be my go to thing .... lets see how that goes. Plus im trying to stop smoking ( yeaaa a whole bunch of negatives) So all this is in my goal to accomplish by the end of this week. WISH ME LUCK !

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Thanks yea i started to do the logs, but ive got a blog going so i figure nvm.... but i cant figure out how to delete this post lol ..... so if you guys are interested in how the reg is going for me check out my blog :)

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