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The Mediterranean Diet To Control Acne

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The Mediterranean Diet to Control Acne

The Mediterranean Diet consisting of fresh fruits, vegetable, lean meats, and seafood, may contribute to improve skin conditions such as acne. Diets free of processed foods, cereals, refined sugars and saturated trans-fatty oils are mostly free of acne, could it be attributed to the diet or is it genetic? The answer maybe in our Western diet induced hyperinsulenemia or excess levels of insulin in the bloodstream, research suggest that this condition triggers a endocrine response, creating unregulated growth of sebum secretions… read about the Mediterranean Diet, never go hungry and easy to follow http://www.mediterraneandieting.com/

wub.png soon posting about detox cleanses... (ex creator of the lemonade diet, the cleanses, ask diet guru etc... nothing healthier than a detox)

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Sure. Although the Mediterranean diet isn't free of cereals and processed foods. The foods just aren't as crappily processed and nutritionally void as our food.

And yes, that hyperinsulinemia screws up your hormones in addition to causing chronic inflammation and therefore contributes to acne and other health problems is basic. The increased sebum isn't even the most important affect. It's the hyperproliferation/hyperkeratinization of skin cells that it causes. Oily skin doesn't actually cause acne.

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