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Hey guys

i started using Benzac just yesterday, i heard it works wonders against acne but has some side effects (excessive drying and stuff) which i dont mind as long i see results - :)

just wondering what are the initial signs of its workings? (sorry bout grammar) - so far nothing has changed- im a bit impatient lol


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You won't see any changes overnight. In a week, depending on how bad your acne is you should see some difference. It may take up to a couple of months to get completely clear. Though this depends on how bad yours is. Make sure to follow the Regimen perfectly in order for it to work best :)

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Thanks for the reply!! i have moderate-severe acne on my right cheek and nowhere else.. my regimen consist of cetaphil cleanser when showering and moisturizer then i put on benzac afterwards.. i also take an oral antibiotic called erythromycin 4 x daily soo destroys bacteria on both sides :)

yeahh i know it wont be overnight although i wish it was lol

whats your regimen? :)

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Actually, you would be surprised. If your acne is mild, you could expect to see fast results. It depends on the severity of your acne.

Initial signs to show it's working? Well, your acne will be reduced, that's always a good sign!

Make sure you moisturise too.

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thankss! but i might stick with 5% for a month just so my face can get used to the treatment.. then i'll move on to the wash thanks for the advicenow i know what to do by then :)

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I use Benzac AC 10% (a prescription drug here in Canada) for emergencies and it works wonders. I don't typically believe in spot treating but sometimes I get really red bumps and I just flood it with this and usually in 1 or 2 days it "turns into" a whitehead. Leaving it alone and not medicating them they've lasted more than a week!

Overuse causes extreme dryness and irritation, so be careful. Wait 30 minutes or more after washing your face to apply.

(PS, the "AC" in Benzac AC stands for acrylates copolymer which is typically a film forming agent but in my prescribing information says helps absorb oil. So if this is a concern too, it should help a little.)

Overall, I like the product line and it is well formulated.

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