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Weenie Beenie

Is It Necessary To Wash Face Before Applying Topical?

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I ask this because a few years ago I got my face 95% clear using Differin 0.3 gel but I would never wash my face before applying it. My routine would be to wash my face in the morning with a cleanser followed by a moisturizer and then at night just put the Differin on. MAYBE I would splash some water on my face before applying but from what I remember I usually just put it straight on. Stupidly, I stopped using the Differin but now a year later I am using it again. I'm cleansing and waiting about 20 minutes or so before applying it per the directions because I'm not comfortable taking any chances right now, but I'm also wondering if it's completely necessary? I feel like it may be drying my skin out a bit too much to wash twice a day. And if it IS necessary, how do you explain my face being clear when I haven't washed before using it in the past?

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I am not going to attempt to explain your previous clear-ness. But- you should definitely wash your face. If you are making the effort to get a prescription topical, you should use it as such. If you don't wash your face first you are basically layering it on top of pollutants, dirt, oils, dead skin cells, and other not helpful things. If you want it to work at it's best and be able to penetrate past the debris you need to was your face. It takes 10-20 seconds. Use a gentle cleanser, and moisturizer after Differin and I am sure you will see a difference in the way your skin looks and feels.

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I slash it with water for less then 10 sec. Gives me better results then washing ans scabbing for a minute.

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