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Panoxyl Or Adapalene?

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Hi, I have just purchased the Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser and the Lotion, and I have also bought some Panoxyl Aquagel 2.5 in order to start the Regimen. However, at the moment I have been using Adapelene in the morning and evening. Should I:

1) swap this out for the Panoxyl,

2) carry on with the Adapalene,

3) alternate on different days, or;

4) use them both together: either a) one in the morning, one in the evening or b) dual application?

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If Adapelene hasn't caused any problems for you I don't see a reason for you to make the switch. I think using both alternatively or together isn't recommended as they have different inactive ingredients and complications may arise. If you've been using Adapelene for a long time now your skin would've adjust to it so just continue.

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Well, I've been on Panoxyl for sensitive skin for a day now.

I've read reviews and decided I would rather try it than take other peoples words since their skin is different than my skin.

That, and it is the only 2.5% of BP in stores here.

So far I've experienced redness in places applied, and mild itchiness.

I only use it once a day in a little amount.

If you think your current BP is not doing it's job, and you waited fairly long to know it has become used to your skin, then I would say switch only if you are ready to bear the side affects of PanOxyl. Though, so far even after one application in a tiny amount, the acne on my chin has reduced considerably.

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Thanks for everyone's replies. I think my skin is too used to Adapalene (even though it seemed to have some effect on scarring, it was not preventing me from getting new spots) so I have decided to give BP a go. By the way, 95tomwest, isn't Epiduo just a combo of BP and Adapelene? I guess you got put onto that if you had a bad reaction to BP on its own. I hope it works for you.

I also started using my Panoxyl yesterday evening and damn! it felt like there was a fire under my skin for about an hour after application, and I had some quite bad redness on my cheekbone area. I was reassured by the information on here that say this reaction is normal, otherwise I would have been pretty scared. However, I think this may have been exacerbated by the fact that I didn't wait the full 15 minutes for it to soak in before I put on my moisturiser (Cetaphil) and also I may have used a tiny bit too much for my skin at present (even though I only applied the recommended amount of the small blob on the top third of my finger for my whole face).

However, by later on the same day I could already see the improvement! I had some raised spots that seemed to flatten and be less red, and my skin quality was smoother and more toned. The redness and itchiness also subsided completely. This morning I woke up to the same; in addition, I had basically no new spots aside from a few tiny whiteheads which is pretty amazing for me, especially as I wore make-up last night and was petrified as to what I might see in the mirror in the morning. My skin is a little itchy today, but no redness.

I am going to keep on using it once a day for the first week as recommended if you have sensitive skin (second application tonight) and am crossing my fingers that I have finally found something that can work for me. I'm also going to be much more particular on the parts of my face I put it on, and avoid the thinner skin (i.e. cheekbones). I understand people's reservations with using BP because it is quite harsh, but the rest of my regime (Cetaphil products) is very gentle, so I'm hoping that this will balance it out.

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I've used the Cetaphil lotion and then took it out of my regime and replaced it back with my original Lotion as I wanted to see if the redness was connected to Panoxyl + lotion.

After I took it out, I still had bad redness so I switched back to my old face wash which I noticed my skin appeared red for a bit after I applied it without BP for my night routine of Cleanser + Lotion.

Well, today I did my original cleanser + bp + original lotion and NO redness or Itchness as I experienced before hand.

I believe the chemicals in the cleanser and in the BP didn't like each other.

So if you experiences really bad redness take a look at your lotion or cleanser and see if that creates it.

I've only used it 3 times now as I am doing it every other day because i thought the redness/itchiness was coming from Panoxyl.

Usually people who receive redness/itchiness say it subsides after a week of use so this might have been the other products that used with the BP.

Ah, in addition my skin is really dry even with the lotion%

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my dermatologist recommends this:

morning: BP(spot treatment)

evening: adapalene (very thin film, whole face, wait for it to dry then apply BP(spot treatment)

please note though that i used differin(0.1%) and benzac(5%). they're from the same manufacturer. i guess they work better together. i tried to use panoxyl once and on the treatment process, it felt like my skin had scales.it also left really dark post acne marks. DX

i don't know why epiduo is so expensive when it just contains the same bp and adapalene. i mean, here epiduo 15g is ~Php1075 while benzac 60g is ~Php534 and differin 30g is ~Php572. just a little difference and you'll get much much more. and i think purchasing bp and adapalene separately and not as a combination (i.e. epiduo) would be better as more bp is required.

i hope this helps. :)

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