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So I'm at the start of week 3. I saw the doctor today who really wants me on accutane. He's real pushy and won't really consider other options. I know I probably should take it but the possibility of lasting side effects has me stalled.

I have more red spots on my chest, but I think it's because I've been popping. I have noticed improvement especially on my face and others have aswell. My Back is just outrageous and unbearable! Why didn't I start taking care of my skin sooner? I don't know I think I thought it would eventually go away.

I want to post pictures but it won't let me do it from my phone. Wtf

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Hey there....I think you should give Accutane a go.

As you might notice, most people who review Accutane, were not cured...and those who were, don't feel the need to visit this board again.

I did Accutane and I had no lasting side effects. I feel as though it is what you make it.

Although my acne mildly came back, from what I have read, it is more common to have lasting results with bod acne.

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Hi, I went on Accutane twice (female) and have had no side-effects (aside from the inevitable dryness), although my spots did come back (but a lot less than before). I am an advocate of the treatment, and think people like to emphasize the very rare horror stories way too much! I think your skin is of a standard which would definitely benefit from Acc. I would think carefully about your decision. You could always do the Regimen in conjunction with Acc., or start it after you finish treatment, to make sure that you don't have a relapse. The only issue I could see with that might be dryness from initial reaction to BP, plus the dryness incurred from the Acc. Let us know what you do!

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