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did you feel uncomfortable about your acne? i go to parties almost every weekend and i like them cuz you can just forget about your acne and shit just chill with your friends and have a good time and meet girls

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i like parties from the aspect that u get fucked up, but then again i hate parties because, everytime i go to one i watch other people get on each other, or i watch the girl i like get on a random dude while im by myself drinking or doing something else stupid. Maybe i should just try to have more fun in my life but its hard because im soo tied up in the little parts of it.

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I used to go to alot of parties until about a year ago. Sicne then I haven't been to a single party at all! Although I have been to clubs and stuff.

I start uni in a few weeks though so hopefully it's party time from then on.

I usually do worry about my acne at first but as the night progresses I don't care.

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living around a dorm or an apartment, theres always parties going on, and most of them are un-intentional buuuuuuttttt.......its still fun to attend them

I dont really pay that much attention to my face anymore...i have kinda stopped caring and obbessing about it all the time..i see plenty of kids with it a lot worse off than I with gf's too, so i figure wtf, im gonna enjoy myself..

and i do.

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I used to go to more parties when my skin was normal. I suppose it's cause I used to go to clubs more and meet more random people who would invite me and my mates. I usually end up watching some girl I like getting off with random guy :/ Most of the time I enjoy myself though. I still like getting drunk and maybe smoking some weed or something.

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