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My Icepick Scars Not From Acne Says Dr.

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So I recently went to the Dermatologist to have a consultation about my Ice pick scarring treatment with Multiplex. He mentioned that my ice pick scarring was actually formed by an infected, deep hair that bound the skin together giving it that indented look. Some how I already knew this to be true long before he told me but it was nothing more then a hunch on my part.

I never had bad acne on my cheekbones, in fact, i never had much acne period on my cheekbones where my icepick scarring currently remains(12-15 ice pick scars on both cheeks). However, I do have naturally,dark,thick hair. Occasionally I had random hairs pop up above my beard line, hairs that I would not shave because I was afraid it would cause the hairs to grow back thicker and faster. I later found this to be false as I currently shave those hairs. Unfortunately I used to wax or pluck those random hairs. I think it is worth noting that from my beard line down I have NO Ice pick scarring at all, in fact its baby smooth, where I plucked and tweezed.... is where all the damage is.

As an ex-pothead and cig smoker I probably didn't have the greatest hygiene when it came to washing the face, I never had a face cleansing regiment in my early 20s late teens like I religiously swear by now. So I would not be surprised if my hair follicles got infected after I tweezed thick, deep hairs out of those pores. And I mean DEEP hairs. And it just so happens that I have hairs growing out of ALL my ice-pick scars(which I now shave, not tweeze)

Im not saying all Ice Pick scarring is related to infected hairs but it would not surprise me if many were. Think about it. Most people I see on a daily basis with severe, noticeable, ice pick scarring tend to be people of ethnicity. Blacks, Hispanic, Japanese and Indian type with naturally dark,thick hair. I am half white and half asian but I do have very thick hair and the beard.

Others reading this now with ice pick scarring fall under these categories? Have naturally thick hair? Pluck? Tweeze? Ethnic woman I know do grow some hair on their face, very thin, barely visible hair but they do wax or tweeze. This would explain why I occasionally see some woman with ice pick scarring too.

I do occasionally see Caucasians with ice pick scarring but almost never to the severity of people of color. Any thoughts on that? If this is true I think people should be educated to avoid the painful life that those of us with ice pick scarring has dealt with.

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I must say I agree with you but iv never plucked, waxed my facial areas where the ice pikcs are present, however i feel these indentations relate to folicle issues, I have a feeling that the hard to wash off makeup I was using played a role (hygiene) and possibly retin A gel, as mine appeared sooo randomly after using a particular long lasting makeup, I literally went to work one day (after months of using and loving the makeup in question) after work I took a look in my mirror and could not recognise myself, I was in complete shock and here I am now...over 7 months since.... I am currenly trying Estee Lauder Re-nutrive ultimate lift serum, does magic for complexion and my scars look less severe after 4 days of constant massaging wih this serum, looking to get hold of the Intensive lift version also by Estee Lauder and of course still praying to find my dream lotion TRE CLEARE.

Goodluck in dealing with yours we will all get there in the end someone will surely find an ultimate treatment, thats my daily prayer as this thing has completely taken over my life.

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I should probably also mentioned that I work in construction, outdoors daily...under the sun with no hat and little to no sun protection for 8 years. That probably did not help my colllagen from reforming nor prevent any hair follicle infection I may have been exposed to which caused the scarring. This year I wore a sombrerro and cereve sunscreen on my face and reapplied every 90 minutes, ignoring the fact that all my coworkers laughed at me for being a "sissy". Haha cool.png.

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Guest Timehealsall

hey collegeboy interesting points.

I too have noticed that people of ethnic skin seem to have the worst scarring... i rarely see white (caucasian) people with bad scarring.

I also notice that the african-americans that i see with scarring, even if its deep, it seems to blend in well with their skin (rather than asians/indians/hispanics).

Regarding your tweezing/plucking dilemma, after how long did it take for you to get these scars? Did your face start scarring after a long time of plucking (many years)?

And how exactly did you scar? I mean, did these scars spontaneously show up? You said you rarely had acne there... did you have anything else there (Any bumps)?

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