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$886 Plastic Surgeon Fee For 3 Scar Excisions

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Hey guys just checking in to get a price comparison in regards to excision done by a plastic surgeon. I live in Sydney and had a consult with a plastic surgeon in North Sydney (very expensive area to live and average salary is way up there). He said to do ONE scar excision it would cost me $500 and then $200 extra for the second and so on. I found this a little ridulous considering the fact that it's a short procedure that involves the most basic skills relative to what a plastic surgeon can potentially do.

For those who have had consults or done excision, what's a ball park figure for a reasonable price? I liked this doctor as he was willing to explain things quite well and gave me the opportunity to ask a bunch of questions but I guess that's because I paid a consultation fee.

I was thinking it'd be like, $300 for one scar then $50 dollars for each additional scar. I wanted to get 6 scars excised and was anticipating/hoping it wouldnt go well beyond 500-600. I guess the plastic surgeon considered the 30 minutes he'd spend on me worth almost 1000?

Anway, if I did go through with him, i'd only get a few of my most deepest and emotionally taxing scars excised. Oh, I will also get 330 dollars back from medicare so that's abit over 500 I'll be out of pocket but it's just the fact that i need to save 900 for one short treatment.

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