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My Regimen Log! (7 Weeks In)

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Okay so I've wanted to start a log on here for the longest time! It's so far been an up and down battle but I'm determined to keep going for at least three months. Or until my bottle of BP runs out. Haha so here's what's happened so far while on the regimen:

Week 1

Was fed up with my skin until I came across this site and wanted to start asap. I used Proactiv BP because it was all I had. The next morning my face actually looked nice! The cyst I had picked on my right cheek dried up and peeled away. Things were looking good.

Week 2

My acne was continuing to improve with only small pimples and under the skin bumps that were barely noticeable. Still, I had acne everywhere..

Week 3

This is where all hell broke loose! I broke out everywhere. I knew I was purging so I was patient. My forehead had pimples in the worst places, smack dab in the middle. My right cheek had painful little zits all over. My chin had all these under the skin bumps which were so annoying! And finally, the most problematic side on my face, my left cheek had a cyst along with I'd say five other huge pimples. I couldn't wait for the week to be over..

Week 4

My forehead was doing pretty good at this point. I still had two stubborn pimples right in the middle but they were smaller. As for my right cheek, well, the other zits had all gone away but I was faced to deal with three large pus filled ones. They hurt to the touch but were gone in less than a week after I popped them. The bumps under the skin on my chin ha reduced in number but a few lingered. And my left cheek had improved somewhat but I few just would not go down. Not to mention I got more decently sized ones on my chin.

Week 5

By the beginning of this week I was very happy with my skin and again things were looking up. My forehead was clear as well as my right cheek! I was so happy and could actually look my bf in the eyes. My chin didn't bother me since you couldn't notice the bumps anymore. My left cheek was slowly but surely healing. I still had the ones on my jaw as well as small flesh colored bumps and scars but I knew that would all go away soon. Or so I thought..

Week 6

So here I am nearing the end of week 6. My seventh week actually starts on Sunday. My forehead and right cheek remain clear and my skin tone is slowly evening out. If only I could say the same for the rest of my face. My chin had broken out a little and one of those little suckers hurt with the slightest touch. My left cheek is doing horrible! I feel so disappointed. It started with a hard red bump in the middle that fused with another one, thus making it bigger and redder. The day after that I woke up with two new ones that hurt but werent so big. It was weird but they all made a triangle. Those went away in three days but the big one still lingers, although it is reduced in size. It sucks because after those other two went away I got another two huge painful ones on the lower side of my cheek. They are still there but reduced in size today. My left side looks really bad with all the marks and pimples :( I wonder if I'm still purging since I saw these coming because before they were only flesh colored bumps that blew up. On top of all this I now see some little tiny red pimples on my nose but I never get them there! Hopefully it'll be all better by week 8.

So I'll continue to write in here to keep track of my progress as well as hopefully get some advice from you guys. I would really appreciate it. Also I'll probably post pictures if I can upload them from my iPod which is what I use to view this rather than use my family's computer that everyone can see.

Currently on:

Ortho Tri Cyclen lo

One a Day Teen Advantage for Her

Thanks for reading (:

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So now we start

Week 7:

Soo I messed up. I got shit faced last night and I wasn't able to do the regimen. I just got out of the shower and am waiting so I can apply the lotion. Even worse I slept with my makeup on! Greeeaat. Well things are a bit better. My chin cleared up and now I just have to make sure no more come up. My forehead remains clear and so does my right cheek. My left one is taking baby steps in the right direction. Just have a lot of acne marks left.

But wait! My nose is getting weird red spots that look like acne. I really never had any on my nose before so I'm freaking out. Oh well.

P.S. I use:

Aveeno Ultra Calming Foaming Cleanser

Acne.org BP

And a generic version of the Eucerin lotion with AHA

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Know what sucks? Acne! I haaate it. Ugh. Why wont it go away??

Sorry I'm ranting but I'm so sad because my left cheek is getting worse :(

I really don't know what to think anymore. A new huge red pimple decided to move in.

As for the existing ones, well, they look about the same if not better.

The only problem is they look so red and angry. And they hurt again!

That makes six good sized pimples on my left cheek. It looks so horrible.

It just makes my pores look huge and like I have uneven skin texture.

Everything else is peahy. That's it. This just me letting out some steam.

night :)

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How closely are you following the regimen? I like to think I'm not unintelligent but I still read the entire process through (including watching the vids) 4 or 5 times before I even got the products. I started in September and as of now I am clear just using the Acne.org primary products. It's a commitment and requires a bit of discipline (I say a bit because a fitness regimen is 100000x tougher) but if you stick with it I'm confident you will reap the rewards. =]

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How closely are you following the regimen? I like to think I'm not unintelligent but I still read the entire process through (including watching the vids) 4 or 5 times before I even got the products. I started in September and as of now I am clear just using the Acne.org primary products. It's a commitment and requires a bit of discipline (I say a bit because a fitness regimen is 100000x tougher) but if you stick with it I'm confident you will reap the rewards. =]

Hey there james! Thanks for stopping by :) Man, you're so lucky you're clear already. Haha I'm okay with not being clear just yet. I believe in the "it gets worse before it gets better." I'm pretty sure I'm doing it right and I'm very committed to it. I've only skipped one application. Haha hopefully this is my answer >.<

I believe this is daaaay 53?

So yeah, basically my skin is getting much better! PIH is quickly subsiding. Still have the same damn pimples that won't go down on my left cheek. I do have a couple new breakouts but they're minor. Maybe the next couple of weeks will bring even better results!

Night people :)

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I'm officially at my 8 week mark. Things are alright. No new pimples (knock on wood). I still have the three stubborn ones that are very slooowy. They're not as red so I'm happy for that but it'd be better if it didn't take 2 weeks to get to this point. My face is smooth and the best it's been in a long while. Hopefully I'll be completely clear by Christmas!

Also thinking about buying Dan's AHA next time I order some BP but not sure since it seems pretty expensive to me. I'm so happy i started this, if only I started sooner..

Overall, still many marks and uneven skin tone but I'm sure this will go away with time.

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Week 10

Okay so I haven't written on here in a while. Sorry! Things are okay. I'm clear and my face is so smooth! On the other hand I do have a lot of scarring. I don't understand what's wrong. I never had this bad of scarring before, just some dark acne marks that would go away. This time it's that with red marks and what looks like some indentations. Please go away!

One of them was weird. Like I got a huge pimple with a white head and I left it alone for a while. Then I couldn't take it and decided to pop it. That sucker went down in about a day! That was about five weeks ago and recently I got a red indentation on that same spot. I'm scared it'll never go away.

Weeeell at least I'm all clear! I'll be adding AHA+ when I reorder my BP. Can anyone tell me how good that works against scars please?

Thanks guys!

Until we meet again

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Hey guys! Just wanted to keep you updated on my progress. It actually feels like I've just taken two steps back. I now sport two pimples.

One by my mouth that you can't see but you know it's there and the fact that it's gonna be a pain. The other one is on my cheek bone. I saw it coming because it's been a clogged pore for some time now. It's come to a head but I fight the urge to pop.

It's kind of disappointing because I've hit 10 weeks already and I'm still not clear but I'm confident that I will be sooner or later. Hopefully by Thanksgiving! I also can't wait to add in AHA+ since I see so many good reviews on it. Just waiting to get some money so I can afford that and a new bottle of BP.

Thanks for reading my rant:)

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Hey I lost track of this thread sorry! It's nice to be on the same page as someone. I think we started the regimen around the same time. I'm in my 11th week right now. And like you, I've gotten 2 new pimples. One was a baby one that's been lingering for a while and finally came to a head. The other one is a frickin planet on my forehead. I never get them on my forehead and then wham! outta no where this eruption happened. I of course popped it because I can't resist. and now I have a big red spot. But at least it's flat and now will hopefully scab up and fall off. Other than that, things are going ok. I think the dryness is finally calming down. It was driving me crazy! I also keep telling myself maybe by thanksgiving I'll be 100% clear.... we shall see! it's so unfair that other people are clear already! wahhh

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Week 14

Heeeello. I know it's been a while but I'm here to tell you all that the regimen does work! Let me explain to you what has happened on the last couple of weeks.

At about week 11 I was still breaking out but a lot less! And I almost always saw them coming. My pih was fading dramatically. I'm almost sure I would have been clearer sooner if I would have gotten a recommended moisturizer. Nevertheless once my skin got used to the moisturizer I got in the beginning of my journey all was good. The next week later I could swear to you I was clear but then I was scared of wrinkles and I read that rubbing extra virgin olive oil soothed them out and hydrated your skin. So I did this and paid the consequences. I got another two pimples on my right cheek as well as some clogged pored on my left. It wasn't too bad though.

At week 12 I still had the clogged pores but they were barely visible and one of the pimples on my right cheek went away but only to be greeted by the other one turning into a monster size. Still not too bad. No new pimples! I knew it was the olive oil..

The week after I started worrying about the sun damaging my skin and how I needed an SPF somewhere in my moisturizer. I already had the Eucerin Sensitive Skin moisturizer with SPF 30 so I jumped the gun and used it only in the mornings. I continued this for four days and I noticed my clogged pores coming out as these black spots. At the moment I didn't know they were black heads so picked at them resulting in a major red mess. I also felt some more bumps coming up on my right cheek including one I'm horrified will turn out to be a cyst. Havent gotten one of those in a while. I also received a huge on my left cheek that is now ready to pop but I'm terrified will turn into another red mess.

I'm pretty sure if I never incorporated the SPF in my routine then I would never have gotten this disappointing breakout :( I now wait for it to be back to normal again. Oh! I also am planning to order the AHA soon so will this help heal my breakout sooner?

Hey whatthekell! Hows it going now? I hope you were able to be clear by Thanksgiving. It's nice to have someone who started around the same time as me.

Sooo until next time I guess. Hopefully I will come with good news :D

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Hey! Well my hopes for having clear skin by thanksgiving was a no go. Actually, thanksgiving graced me with a huge one on my cheek. I told myself I wouldn't mess with it, but of course I did! I'm now suffering from a huge bruise like red mark... sigh! Then this morning I woke up with another one on my chin. I think I caused it from exfoliating with a wash cloth last night. My own fault. Won't be doing that again! I'm trying to let this one be... and only pop it if it's ready. I'm getting very frustrated. I feel like I get clear, then get mad at the flakes and try to scrub and then get more pimples. I can't win!

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Omg same here! It's like I can never win. When I first started I thought for sure I'd be clear by now. From now on no more adding products unless Dan recommends them. On the brightside I do see a huge improvement from August. Chin and forehead remain clear it's just my cheeks that always get it bad. Really bad. Well hey at least there's another holiday we can look forward to being clear too :)

P.S. I heard the AHA does a really good job for flakes! Looking forward to ordering it once I get some monies..

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haha yea, we can always hope for christmas =) i hope it's sooner though. if i keep my promise not to attack this one on my chin, maybe i will clear up sooner. i actually do have AHA in the house, i use it on my back twice a day. i tried it on my face a few times and felt it gave me little bumps. so naturally i'm terrified to use it again for fear i'll have a bad breakout and be sent back to square one. when my face gets clear i get so excited and then when another one pops up it's like a kick in the stomach. i'm trying to use a little bit less BP so my face stops falling off. today i can smile a little bigger haha. keep me updated with your progress =D

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Whoaaa it's been a long time since I posted! Sorry just been too lazy :\ Not sure if anyone reads this though haha anyways..

I just started my 5th month into this journey and I'm not sure how I feel.

The breakout I previously told you about went away in about say a week or less but left me with hyerpigmentation. Not too bad though. I've since gotten only one decently sized pimple since then but some clogged pores.

I also don't like the texture or tone of my skin so that worries me a bit. Still optimistic that it will get better along the way.

Forgot to mention in my last post that I haven't taken my birth control pills in about two months since I haven't had time to get my refill but I started up on them again and hoping they'll help with the teeny tiny pimples around my mouth.

Hyperpigmentation is slowly, but definitely, fading. I've incorporated AHA in place of my moisturizer for every other night last week. So far so good I guess. No breakouts from it (knock on wood). Actually I've changed a lot of things in my routine. Here it is:

Morning- Wash face with Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser (for normal to oily skin) for somewhere between five to ten seconds. Then I pat dry. Wait five minutes.

Next I'll use an index finger worth of BP and apply for three minutes then let the rest dry on its own. Wait somewhere between ten to fifteen minutes.

After that I apply Cetahil Ultra Hydrating moisturizer (Don't know if it's for the face or body but feels so soothing and goes on smooth compared to my last moisturizer) followed by Olay Complete SPF 15 which I pat on.

Make some green tea and enjoy :)

Night- Wash with two pumps of Purpose cleanser in shower for a full ten seconds if I wear makeup. If not then I use one pump for five seconds then rinse off. Pat dry.

Idk if this matters but I use a teeny bit of Vaseline to take off the remainder of my macara.

I then use a full index finger + pinky worth of BP (I'm tiny so I feel like I have to use more than recommended). I do this for about three minutes then let absorb on its own.

I wait the usual time.

Apply Cetahil or Dan's AHA and done.

Prepare some Chamomile tea, drink, and sleep :)

Also still take my multivitamin but I've been slacking. Every now and then I'll drink a little bit of ACV mixed with water. This really helps to give me a nice glow in the morning but it never stays for too long.

Anyways I'm about 95% clear. This includes my red marks as well as the tiny bumps. It seems as if my left side is looking a lot better than my right so that's a big switcharoo. It's all red marks though. Still too early to see if the AHA is doing anything significant..

I know this is super long so thanks to anyone who was patient enough to read this!

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I still follow your post =P I'm starting my 5th week too. Having major flaking issues. I had a breakout last week that's clearing up. Just have a couple red marks that are slowly fading. Now I'm just trying to find a moisturizer to combat these flakes. I thought by now they'd be gone. But nope! I reduced the amount of BP I use, and the redness is less, but still peeling. I hate it. I haven't tried Cetaphil's moisturizer because their cleanser burned my face. So I'm afraid. But at this point I don't know what else to use. Any suggestions?

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Hey whatthekell!

Yaaay I'm glad someone's reading these and I'm not totally talking to myself here :P

I'm sorry to hear about your flaking issues :( Hmm if the Cetaphil cleanser ingrdients are different from the lotion then I'd say go for it.

Not too sure though. I've also heard good things about Olay products. Have you tried those out?

Sorry, I'm bad at giving advice..

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haha well we started at the same time so it's nice to compare results with you =P

I actually went out yesterday and bought some Cerave PM lotion because I read a ton of great reviews about it. andddd I LOVE it! =) I will use this during the day too because it's not making me shiny either! =D

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