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Diagnosis For My Forehead? *pics*

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Yeah I know I have an astronomically huge forehead lol.

Any tips for my forehead marks though? I've tried all sorts of things from Apple cider vinegar to antiseptic liquids but nothing seems to penetrate the marks!

None of them are pitted, the surface is smooth (with the exception of the current pimples), but still has red marks.

Man, what a pointless disease acne is.



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Dude I had exactly what you had but on my cheeks.

Try Lactic Acid 40%... im begging you to try it.

It really does wonders.

do 1 peel every week and leave it on until you can't stand the stinging or 10-15 minutes. whichever comes first.

After 3 peels it's already worked great for me.

Put on Benzoyl Peroxide before you go to bed and let it dry first.

Your skin will be red for 1-2 days after the peel though so make sure it's done on the weekend.

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You really think it will work? Is Retin-A similar to lactic acid? As I'm not to sure if lactid acid is too common in the United Kingdom.

Do you perhaps know anywhere for more information on 40% lactid acid? :D

Thank you for your reply!

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