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Few Questions About Accutane Experience

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I'm about a month into my first course of the generic accutane, Claravis. I've been taking 40 MG once a day. I had very oily skin and would shower three times per day prior to the accutane. So far, it has improved my skin a bit in some spots, but made it worse in others (Initial Breakouts) I had dry lips almost immediately after the first week and now about a month in I'm starting to get dry skin on my upper back and shoulders as well as hands.

My question to you guys is if the dryness is worse in the beginning. Will the skin just peel and start getting less dry or does the dryness get worse and worse as I progress into the cycle? I only plan to be on Claravis for 4-5 months max since my acne wasn't extremely severe.

Also, I lift weights 4 times a week and I have been accustomed to showering and washing face twice daily. I wash my face with Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser and gently wash my body with Dove-for Men Sensitive Skin. I'm afraid I won't be able to do this much longer is skin gets too dry, but I'm also worried if I only shower/ wash face once a day I will break out.

Please give me any advice you can, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Dryness does not let up. It only gets worse. Make sure you go to your dermatologist about the peeling. When I was on accutane, I started peeling on my arms. My derm prescribed me a steroid cream to apply to the dry patches.

Replace Dove with a gel that won't foam up. (Here's one: http://www.drugstore.com/burts-bees-milk-and-shea-butter-body-wash/qxp183835) This will not irritate the skin, and it won't dry you out as much. Stopping washing your back. Accutane will clear your back up and you won't need to wash it. Just let the water run over it.

Cetaphil is a perfectly fine cleanser for accutane users, but MOISTURIZE. Run out to CVS and get yourself some Eucerin moisturizer.


Also, go get some Vaseline petroleum jelly. I had to use it. I applied it to my lips, my cracked ears, knees/elbows, upper arms...I just applied it liberally everywhere I was peeling and/or cracked.

Protect your skin. It can't protect itself right now.

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