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Wai Diet - The Only Way To Get 100% Clear Forever

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I haven't been active in this forum since I discovered Wai Diet.

Here's the gist

1. Tried it for already 6 months

2. It works, the rationale behind acne is correct.

3. It is similar Paleo, the human diet since time immemorial

The creator is rather private person, you won't see any picture of him/her. I don't even know the gender!

Think about this..

1. Why do Proactiv constantly pay celebrities shameless amount of money to endorse?

Ans: Because their products only work short-term. If the root of problem isn't eradicated, no amount of destructive benzoyl peroxide 1-10% will do. It works for Proactiv because people will keep buying their products and they aren't cheap for students.

The more Corporate marketing there is to an product, there is more grounds to be suspicious.

Is Wai Diet better?

I have tried...

1. Idiotic way of stuffing myself with B5, hoping my acne clears. I got endless body-weakening diarrhoea

2. Multi-vitamins. I bought and bought. Saw Palmetto etc. Why would people buy Vitamin C when they can drink OJ?!

The best way is to recuperate the body through REAL FOODS. Acne sufferers like me have GREATER sensitive towards cooked meat as it pinches our oil sebum canal.

How has Wai Diet changed me?

1. My scars has soften

2. I use only water to wash my face --> This effectively breaks dirt causes Acne

3. I no longer have BIG acne. Just small ones that heal in 1-2 days cause I ate cooked meat

4. It is ridiculously easy

In a nutshell

1. Wai Diet works

2. Avoid cooked meat and other food listed

I'm posting here coz I feel more shd know abt it. Hey, if you have tried 100 different stuffs and still get Acne, Wai Diet can't hurt you.

Or any other gimmick as long as it involves eating real whole nutrient dense foods. That is what works.

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