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Acne Returning After Accutane?

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I guess I'm looking for a little bit of support here. I was on Accutane last year from September to March/April. It worked wonderfully. My skin started to heal, I wasn't oily, and my skin wasn't even that dry! I couldn't have possibly been anymore ecstatic.

Well recently I've noticed my skin starting to act up. A pimple here, a pimple there, no big deal. But last week, my skin turned to hell! My entire forehead is covered in zits, my t-zone looks like a pepperoni pizza, and my nose couldn't possibly fit anymore blackheads on it.

How many of you were on Accutane and needed to go on a second round? I really thought I was acne free. I guess not unsure.png

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I feel your pain.I was on a 8 month course which ended in march & 6 months later i look like crap,

Im going tomorrow to talk to my Derm about a second round but i just dont think i can handel it doing the same thing again.

I just want to be happy & injoy life without acne.

The best of luck to you

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I went on Accutane November 2008-April 2009. My skin responded SO well. It cleared up within a month and I had very minimal side effects, mostly just dry lips!

My skin has been great up until this May.

I had my consult with my dermatologist today for my second round of Accutane. She said that she has never had a patient have to take a third round. She also said that patients typically receive acne relief more quickly during the second round than the first.

As disappointed as I am that I am having to go through all of this again, I am very lucky that it cleared my skin for three years. I am very hopeful and confident that this will be my final round!

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Yup. I did round one when i was about 19. Now, 5 years later it came back (though much less severe). I went to the derm, and he put me on minocycline and a topical. Of course they didnt work, so when i went back in we talked about other things we could try. However, i ended up just saying i would rather go on accutane and just be done with it. Hell, even if i have to take it every 5 years i will. The 6 months are totally bearable for 5 years of clear skin in my opinion

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