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Well, I've had pretty bad acne since about my junior year of high school. I'm a 20 year old male. It got out of control my senior year so I was put on Accutane. Accutane worked wonders for me face(although the 5 months on it were a living hell), and I had been relatively clear up until about 6 months ago (2 years post accutane). Now I'm starting to get breakouts again. I do still get occasional cysts, maybe once a month, but I seem to always have at least a few pimples around, and every once in awhile a larger breakout. There is no way I could ever go on Accutane again, so I am going to try and fix my problem through diet changes.

Heres what I have been doing so far, I cut out ALL candies, sweets, chocolate, etc. Havent eaten any of those for over a year. Cut down on processed foods, make my own waffles(rather than eggo). No dairy products at all anymore (switched to almond milk a few weeks ago). No high-fructose corn syrup, very limited hydrogenated oils(most days none). I eat lots of white rice.

My main faults are that I eat LOTS of wheat products, and drink lots and lots of beer (college life is hard :) ). I want to try and eliminate gluten and wheat from my diet, but that is going to be very hard considering I usually eat 2 bagels a day, 1 tortilla, and 2 sandwiches.

My main problem with going to a wheat free diet is weight loss. I am about 6'0 and 160lbs, and I have a metabolism like a cheetah. I have to eat over 3k calories a day just to maintain my weight. I really don't want to loose any weight and make myself skinny.

Anyways, sorry for this long post, my main question was if people could please suggest to me some high-calorie, gluten free foods that I could work into a meal plan.

Thanks so much!

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