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Hi guys. I'm some high school kid with a moderate (my mom says moderately severe but I don't think it's that bad) case of hormonal acne. Both my mother and father were cursed with bad acne in high school and it appears I have inherited that as well. Fortunately, it didn't stick around for them after they graduated, hopefully that trait sticks with me more than the acne will.

Anyways, I have tried Proactiv (just the Renewing Cleanser, it's all my mom uses and she claims it's all you need) for like a year and watched as my acne continued to just get worse and worse. I don't blame the Proactiv for worsening my acne, that would be ridiculous. I have also tried salicyclic acid and just tons of straight (well you know what I mean) benzo day and night. I have tried Neosporin, didn't help (don't worry, I didn't slather Neosporin all over my face, I just put it on small problem areas). I also tried 70% isopropyl alcohol (again, I wasn't taking a propanol face bath, don't worry I'm not THAT stupid).

You vets out there might read this and be ripping your hair out about how everything I did was wrong. The best part is, for all I know, everything I did WAS wrong. I don't want to sound ridiculous, but the problem is I just don't care enough to invest a lot of time into taking care of my face.

You see, appearance just isn't that important to me. I really only want to get rid of this acne because it hurts my face (like physical discomfort) and my mom won't quit bugging me about seeing a dermatologist or getting an Accutane prescription.

So, with that being said, I came up with my constraints:

  • Solution should be as hands off as possible.

  • I am willing to wash my face twice a day.

Considering my constraints, initially, Accutane was a very attractive path. However, I read more and more about it and it just started freaking me out. Accutane is a scary drug to me. I refuse, to an extent anyway, to take Accutane.

Learning it was a derivative of Vitamin A, I figured I'd look into Vitamin A therapy. Vitamin A toxicity and hypervitamintosis A scared me. Nope, I think I'll pass on Vitamin A. I read a thread about B5 (pantothenic acid) therapy and was intrigued. It was water soluble, so I knew it wasn't as toxic as Vitamin A (I am not going to say it is impossible to overdose on pantothenic acid, though. Methamphetamines are water soluble, but I'm pretty sure you can overdose on them). I read a bit of that study that guy (man, sorry for the vagueness) did on pantothenic acid and acne and read his hypothesis on it's mechanism of action. That's what really caught my eye. It sure seemed like it made sense. Considering I know my acne is largely due to hormones, if he's right that all my CoA is being depleted for hormone synthesis so all the excess lipids are just being dumped onto my skin, then this pantothenic acid stuff should really help me.

So, here I am now. I have decided to give B5 a shot. Specifically, the 3 days of 5 grams and then 10 grams a day afterwards. I also plan to wash my face with Proactiv day and night, and take a multivitamin and a B-complex supplement.

After learning about the benefits of Zinc, I also plan to augment my regimen with zinc when I am able to acquire some.

I also feel like I should mention that I usually feel like vitamin therapies for other ailments are just an unhealthy myth. I don't mean to offend anyone, that's just how I feel. My rationale for trying pantothenic acid therapy is the fact that doctors basically prescribe a megadose of Vitamin A (I'm looking at you, Accutane).

I am not using this as a long term solution, I just want to get an out of hand problem under control, and maybe damage control as minor breakouts come and go. I hope this is what happens: I notice my face clearing up 1 to 6 weeks after starting the megadose. Shortly after, my face is 100% clear. I start reducing dosage by 1 g every day, eventually working my way down to zero. I will continue taking the zinc supplement daily and continue washing my face. If I notice acne after all that, I will do 5 grams again for 3 days. If it doesn't clear up, then I will go up to 10 till it does.

I also wish to revisit a previous statement I made about Accutane. I mentioned I was scared of it to an extent. Well I have a question about it. I read that after Accutane therapy ceased, people often had results that were "complete and prolonged". That is, after Accutane, acne was never a problem again. I also read that in lower doses (like half of what is normally prescribed) side effects become extremely rare. I believe I also heard that those low doses were prescribed for those with milder acne. Anyways, I just have a question: can I take B5 until I clear up, and then maybe get a low dose acne prescription to get rid of the acne for good?

So yeah, if you read all that mess, I appreciate it. I will post updates daily and will take pictures twice a day, in the morning and at night (not sure if I will post them though).

Wish me luck!


I am admittedly lazy about skincare, so I am trying a hands off solution: vitamin B5 megadose.

I will also wash face with Proactiv twice daily and hope to add a zinc supplement to my regimen.

I will post daily updates and will be taking photos twice daily (morning and night) which I may or may not post.

I also have a question: Can Accutane cure acne in lower doses in milder cases of acne? That is, if i take B5 to reduce my acne significantly, can I take a low dose of Accutane to permanently get rid of the acne without worrying about the side effects?

Morning 1:

5 500 mg capsules of pantothenic acid (2.5 grams)

1 capsule of B-complex

1 multivitamin

Took everything immediately after breakfast with water.

Initial report: Initially experienced moderate nausea (but nowhere near vomitous levels, though), however it slowly ebbed away into a mild, unpleasant sensation in stomach. It's nothing unbearable though, and I hear this only happens for the first few days too. I shall persevere.

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Hey, my acne probably isn't as yours sounds, but I'm trying something similar. I'm doing a vitamin A mega dose at the moment, along with zinc, and have yet to receive any bad side effects yet. I'm not 100% sure if it's working though, and B5 is definitely the next thing on my list to try, along with B2, as B2 helps with oiliness. I just have some advice though, from experience, and I talked about this with the lady in my local health food shop who sold me the supplements, that it's actually better to take your supplements throughout the day, because it could be overloading your body if you take them all at once. You've got 7 tablets for morning 1, so try taking 3 in the morning, 2 at lunch, and 2 near dinner. It might also help with effectiveness as well. If you're body is having to process them all at once, it might not get the full capacity from each of them. That's just my understanding though, keep us updated! :)

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