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So...i Avoided Eating Bacon Today...so For Dinner My Boyfriend Covered Burger Meat In Bacon Grease...

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I am not impressed.

Granted the burgers taste good, but once I was half way through mine I said "these are the best burgers you've ever made"

and he said he put something different in it...he covered the tops of them in bacon grease.

He doesn't listen to me telling him I want to eat better, he is lazy with the meals he makes and cookes shit like white pasta and boxed crap...

I'v been trying to eat alot better all week, and i told myself i'd let myself slip and have a stupid burger with a white bun and then he tells me he coated them in BACON FAT?! Like wtf.

He knows WHY im trying to eat better and obv. doesn't care.

We had a major fight last night and he's been distant and cold pretty much all day so I think he did that to spite me.

sigh.... someone tell me this isn't going to kill my face.

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cook for yourself. my parents wouldn't listen to me so I just didn't eat what they gave me until they got the message.

I love cooking now, lean chicken breast, tasty recipes ;)

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It may turn out that it makes no difference at all. I mean, unless you find that any acne triggers you have can be set off by literally one thing, should be alright. If you consider that you could counter it from this point and start to eat better, stay hydrated, and do all the other dietary things which help your skin, you'll be heading in the right direction.

I always feel like the hardest part with any kind of routine is the initial phase where you have to make the effort, until you get to the point where it's just something you do without really thinking about. What is needed to get into that routine and stick with it is help and support from your boyfriend. To not be supportive is unfair and to knowingly offer things you were trying to avoid is unthoughtful and really ignorant to be honest. Here's hoping that he starts to understand sooner rather than later because it's only right that he supports and encourages you, or perhaps even joins you as a way of showing that support.


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hi Ivy,

rule #1, it is a rare young male who cares about nutrition! Most of them make what is fast easy and tastes good. My husband would eat nothing but take-out and beefaroni from a can if nobody else lived with him. Yes it is insensitive but to him its' not a big deal'.( Please, guys dont say i am being unfair against men, this is part humor and part my own experiences. )

I dont think as a rule one meal of bacon grease will hurt your skin(just dont get it ON your face). But if you want to eat healthy, I agree you take charge make what you like and if he doesnt like it let him make his own meals. For me I find that avoiding sugar and probably dairy and if youre allergic to wheat, that kind of thing.

What kind of food do you like? Good luck maybe invest in a good healthy cookbook or two.

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