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17 year old male acne sufferer. I started to get acne when i was 15 and have had it since. It got pretty severe last year but I have been able to control it to an extent.

What I have used:




vitamin c

fish oil


apple cider vinegar

wheatgrass (which actually helps alot)

green tea

rooibos tea




gluten-free diet

dairy free diet

sugar free diet

vegetarian diet



cayenne pepper

vitamin d


avoided tomatoes

avoided onions



max clarity

multiple other facial washes

(Not in chronological order)

Some of these have worked to an extent, some not at all, some even worsened my acne.

Particularly flax and probiotics and retin-a did more harm then good.

But I think I have figured out 70% of my problems.

First I avoided Soy products completely and was astonished that my acne resided a lot! (but it was still very present, very) maybe it is the phytoestrogens in soy that breaks me out, cause flax is also high in them. or could it be the copper that is in soy?

Secondly I added Fiber to my diet, both insoluble and soluble, preferably not psyllium husk. That did really good too!

I also tried wheatgrass, which is very expensive and i'm currently not on it, but that helped too, probably because of high fiber and nutrients.

Thirdly I have been using sea salt topically, specifically a brand called Crystal salt deodorant, it is meant for your armpits, but i read somewhere that you could use it for acne, and it worked great! THE POWER OF THE SEA! i always noticed that my acne got way better during the summer when I was out in the sun (essential and proper absorption of vitamin d) and was in the water. I live very close to the beach. I don't know what it is in sea water, maybe it is the bacteriophages!?!? or all the minerals? who knows, it works. Himalalyn Sea salt i have been taking orally and also

But I am still not completely clear, and its difficult to avoid soy products when its in EVERYTHING! soy lecithin, mayonaisse! margarine! soybean oil replacing all the healthy oils out there too. soy protein nuggets or isolates in bars and soy milk and tofu and veggie burgers and more and more and more....

What i want to do is get down to the root cause of it all.

What I know is this:

My dad, and his dad both had the same acne and had it up till they were 22...they both still have permanent scars. (genetic?) (Hormonal?)

Soy and flax, are bad for me.

Fiber, and sea salt help alot.

Anything with bacteria worsens the situation, apple cider vinegar, probiotics, greek yogurt, kombucha. (It's weird cause all those things are generally healthy)

Recently i have been researching into multiple causes for my acne.


Leaky Gut?



Nutrient deficient?

Hormonal imbalance?

Backed up liver?

Copper toxicity?

Can anyone help me out? Or has any ideas to what the true cause is? I think i have been slowly trying to treat the symptoms, but i want to know what the real cause is, so then I can start curing.


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Sulfur products work best for him. Also green smoothies (with spinach). Vitamin B5 (pantotheic acid). Recently started him on Spearmint tea because I read it was good at flushing androgen hormones.

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How did you use Turmeric? Topical or Oral? If oral, did you take it with Black Pepper? How much per day? Also, ACV is good for helping balance pH. Does not work on acne. Acne has an unknown origin. You find the origin, you will be very rich.

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cassandra: Thanks, what kind of sulfur products? like msm? Its been a while since ive posted anything but yeah i have started taking b5 with l-carnitine and it is working miracles i have to say. i also started to juice with things like spinach, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, romaine, garlic, cucumbers, celery, ginger, etc.... and that helps alot too

kidego: I used turmeric orally, though i did try it topically once and it stained my skin, not a good idea for me.. ive never heard of taking it with black pepper, is that more beneficial?

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Guest Inf3rn0_44

Could be paracites, you really should check.

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