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Zits Never Surface

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Ok so its been about 3 years now and im tired of getting these bumps under my skin. i use to suffer from cystic acne but it faded out with my age but no im left with these embarrassing like mounds, usually on my forehead.

Description: Seems to happen in a cycle of every two weeks

Area:forehead mainly but my face usually has these rice grain plugs all over the place.

Non-inflamed but they feel like someone kind put like a Pee under my skin.


Never surface: seriously they never do. It will never come to a head like a normal pustule would.

The contents are usually a very hard and clumpy white puss so hard i cant even smash it with my fingers in some cases. Other times it would come out like a rice grain and i mean it a BIG Rice grain yellowish and all.

Unforgivably the only way i have learned to deal with this problem is to make a relief for the contents to go. Yep i poke a hole in it....

I know i know its the wrong thing to do but it gets rid of them fast and it leaves little to no irritation, swelling or scabbing.

So what im asking is for a way to try and steer away from using this method because in some cases i miss the bump or nothing comes out. in which when this happens Swelling and redness and scabbing does happen......

So if you could please spare me the lecture on not popping, cause we all know its bad.

I have a clarisonic which i use every couple of days depends on my skin,

im currently using

C&C 2%deep pore cleansing

Neutorgena green tea scrub

Neutrogena toner pore refining

Egg white mask

10% BP

And burtsbee day cream/night cream

Iv tried

Exposed Acne Kit


Dermalogica <-- which i think helped but its expensive....

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I believe im going to try dermify.

Maybe im confusing my skin and im producing too my oil and as a result getting all these sebum plugs and large deposits under my skin.

I guess it wont hurt to try and keep it simple.

i mean our bodies for years have been fixing and maintaining its self, all it needs is a way to get rid of all the toxins it collects throughout the day.

Dermify looks like a whole new ingredient blend looks good.

I will keep the toner in my regiment,

just add there 3-1 Treatment

and moisturizer.

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