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Hey guys so I'm a 21 yr old female getting on accutane in about 2 weeks. I have a pretty unique question. So I had pretty mild acne but went to a new derm about 1/2 year ago. She perscriped me ziana used it for about 1 1/2 mnths and broke out HORRIBLY the whole time. After trying antibiotics and different retinoid my face is still pretty bad. I went to a new derm who suggested accutane. My question is this: if I had such a bad reaction w/ ziana (tretinoin) which is a derivative of vitamin a, is this a sign accutane (isotretinoin) won't work for me since it is also a form of vitamin A. Or in otherwords: have people who have had NO SUCCESS w/ retinoids (basically made them worse) had success w/ Accutane?!?!

Thanks so much for reading?!

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HI.... was Ziana a gel or pill? Unless your reaction was an allergic one (hives, etc), accutaine should give you a fair chance at getting clear. I was on it a number of times (was clear for about 2 years a piece) and it worked for me, initial outbreak included. Hope this helps.

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Hi Sasch12! Thanks for the response. The Ziana was a gel. I'm pretty sure what I experienced was just a veryyyyy bad initial breakout. In hindesight, staying on the Ziana for a while might have improved things but I was also worried it would make it worse after seeing now improvement for almost two months. Because I broke out in acne all over and not red blotches.... I'm fairly sure it wasn't an allergic reaction.

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