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Has Anyone Gotten Professional Needling Aka Dry Tattooing?

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I have an appointment with a professional who is triple-certified in skin needling/scar relaxation with "...use of a Dermal Roller or Rotary Machine (same machine used in Permanent Makeup) with needle clusters of 3 to 7 and a topical in the area of treatment for numbing. The needles are inserted into the epidermis and the top layer of the dermis, causing dermal damage."

The before/after pictures on her website are pretty encouraging. She has told me I would need 1-3 treatments at $600 each (we'll see how the first one goes), then a touch up once a year. I have many shallow scars and general uneven texture all over my face.

Some of the comments people have made about having worse skin after the needling are concerning me.

Any thoughts? Thanks...

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I personally would stay far away from that. It sounds absolutely brutal, and the threads I have read, the person is all excited, they come back with a completely swollen and bloody face and then they disappear. I don't think from good results. Maybe I've missed any good results, but I sure wouldn't risk it. And the pictures are probably misleading, because a procedure that severe probably causes swelling in the face for a long time and will hide the scars until it eventually unswells at some point, that would be why she's saying she'd have to do it every year. And the cost is truly a lot for not even a medical procedure. Try Retin-A for a couple of years, and you might be surprised at how much better your skin texture becomes.

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Ugh, well thanks for the replies. I can still change my mind...I'm just desperate to look semi-normal again and she seemed experienced. There is no amount of makeup that hides my scars. I just feel hideous. And without makeup, forget it. It does seem like there are a lot of bad experiences with needling on here but I thought maybe that was because they were trying to DIY.

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Wow,$600 bucks for a tattoo artist to do less than an hour of work. That's sick.

Here's my view. First, a "tattoo/permanent makeup artist generally have limited needles that might be appropriate. Rotary machines have the least appropriate needles to use. The thing is that needles used in tattooing are very close together to carry pigment and only penetrate into the upper layer of the dermis and the needles are designed to go only to that level (.35mm). Any deeper, the skin gets trashed. You can have a tattoo artist get a 7 mag '00" needle, seperate the needles. This is sooo much better. Each needle will penetrate easier, with less force therefore reducing any possibilite of damage. We've seen skin damaged with conventional coil and rotary machines and needles.

Touchups are not really necessary. You get a scar (collagen) and it's yours for life. You break up a scar and replace it with normal collagen, well you keep that too.

Retin A is a good thing to have if needled.

And you might not need 3 treatments. Have one and wait 4-5 months. Then you should be able to determin if you need another treatment.

Hope this helped

Best Wishes


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I got my scars tattooed about 6 months ago by Lilian of LBN Tattoo in Alexandria, VA. The entire procedure lasted around 2 hours and cost about $300 total. Anyway, TONS of redness that took forever to go away (literally hid in my house for a week!), but honestly, dramatically improved the severity and depth of my scars by 40%. The shallow ones are completely gone. Lilian's awesome and she's done dry tattooing on acne scars for a lot of people, so she's very experienced. I would highly suggest this over the other laser/dermabrasion treatments that can have negative side effects!

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Guys does needling work at all? My scars don't seem to respond well to needling. I have had two self needling sessions so far with diabetic needle. It looked good for a month but its back to deep scars.

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I got this done about a month ago by an Esthetician that's in her 50's and has fantastic skin. She has been dry tattooing herself for the last 4 years and she has no wrinkles or imperfections in her skin whatsoever. My results weren't as drastic as I would have liked, but I did see improvement which was worth noting. I also saw improvement in my fine lines. My face was very red for 1 day and after that completely back to normal which was a relief. I was so scared of going to work with what looked like a horrible sunburn. So I came on here and posted about my experience, but everyone told me there's no possible way I could get results from it, never to do it again, etc. Since it's expensive though, I won't be able to have any more sessions to really see the results it can offer. I've started dermarolling instead, but it is just such a sloooow process before you see anything happening and I'm impatient! Anyhoo, goodluck, I hope it is the answer you've been looking for.

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