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Accutane Advice

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I will give you the reader's digest version of my story. I have been on numerous acne medications since I was about 18. BP, clindamycin, tretinoin, tetracycline, sulfur wash, you name it I have tried it. I have moderate acne and 23 years old going on 24 in December. Although my acne is not terrible I am tired of putting all these medications on that temporarily relieve it and then it comes back. I am currently in graduate school earning a Masters in Business Administration and will be in the job market come May. I want acne to be one less thing I have to have on my mind while trying to finish school and get a job to start my career. I have made a derm appointment to ask about accutane and most likely be put on it. I was wondering if you all had any advice or questions I should raise with my dermatologists before starting it? Thanks.

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Hi, Okay I know EXACTLY what you're talking about, I am a 3rd year University student and have been suffering from acne since I was 14 (fml) But I think mine was mainly caused by cosmetics and all that benzoyl peroxide crap I put on my face, it dried the shhi**t out of my skin and so it started to produce more and more oil to balance moisture level, guess what that more oil lead my acne from being mild to moderate

ANYWHO, long story short, I am 4th month accutane right now, and took 40mg per day. I didn't have an initial breakout, infact, starting the next month, i didn't get any zit, I was clear for 2 months, just recently i got a breakout, which is really weird. but anywho, I can positively say that it will clear your face 80-90% of acne by the time you are done. I still have red scars which only time can heal, Because accutane really weakens your immune system so it doesn't have the capacity to heal scars faster. Hopefully they will go away after im done with this course. I would definitely try accutane if I were you, I've had no social life for the past 6 years, and now I can finally walk in the sunlight in a crowd without trying to hide my face.

As for the topicals, stop them right now!!! They DO contribute to 20% of your acne, believe me, If I hadn't used any of these stupid OTC products or derm topicals and left my mild acne the way it was, I wouldn't even have to go through accutane, I would be acne-free naturally. Some derms will give you good advice, and some bad (they're in business to make money, they will try to sell you anything)

what I use on my face:

Raw organic honey as a cleanser (best thing ever, it's antibacterial and doesn't strip layers of moisture off your face, in fact it acts as a moisturizer)

Toner: Organic Green Tea + Organic (Braggs) Apple cider vinegar (ratio of 3:1)

Moisturizer: you can use anything, I use ponds cold cream at night, but that's only because my face is really dry so something oily is good. In the day time I use neutrogena oil free moisturizer with SPF 30 (sunscreen is IMPORTANT! ON ACCUTANE!!, you will get a sunburn otherwise)

Hope I helped! Definitely go for accutane, the only side effect I have right now is stuffy nose and dry dry lips.

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Eh, to be fair, topicals do work for a lot of (lucky) people, and they should be tried before someone goes on Accutane..Duac actually helped me when I was a freshman in high school...back in the day, when my skin didn't laugh in the face of BP. (Still, I do kind of like Epiduo)

CAPS8 - in the same boat. My appointment is on Oct 12

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Ya I go in October 10th. I am a little skeptical to be honest because my face is not that bad but its to the point where I can't get clear and have tried everything and its something I deal with on a daily basis. I have thought about going on accutane for about 2 years and have recently decided its time to go on it. I have talked to a close friend of mine that just got done with it a couple months ago and he ran me through the whole process and what to expect. He told me he couldn't be happier he did it and that that is how I think I will feel once it is over.

Playsomebeat-Looks like we will be on about the same schedule for it so keep me posted on how it is going for you. Might be helpful to see what moisturizers and and other things are working to combat the side effects and what things aren't working. Hope it works out for you.

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