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Weird Symbols In My Posts!

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Hi. Since the update I’ve noticed my previous posts have letters missing which are replaced by symbols. What’s going on. I normally type on Word ’07 then copy and paste into the acne.org message box. Is it because of this that It’s messing up? I prefer using ms word lazy with spelling plus clumsy on the keyboard .

Please don’t think acne makes you ugly, ‘cause it doesn’t. It’s

Above part of the my last post.


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Are you using the mouse right-click to paste into the reply window?

If so, you could try using the paste icons in the reply window instead. There are 3 of them. Paste, Paste as Plain Text, & Paste from Word.

Using one of those might help.

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Manticore- Yes I am using the right click? Thank you for the tips. I actually copy and pasted from word my first post in this thread to test and no symbols. The problem is that all my posts prior to the update contain these symbols. I even saw these symbols littered throughout a fairly lengthy post in the Emotional forum dated back summer ’10. I promise I haven’t given out my account details to some alien. I don’t even know any. I saw a redhead with green skin once, no that was my imaginationshake.gif .

Vampireninja09- You too! Is it in your posts b4 the update? What do you think happened? Would really appreciate if any of the moderators/person(s) handling the update can help. thanks

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Nope, I never had problems with it until the update. Now I see it on some posts, and some usernames. I'm not sure what happened. I first noticed it with a user name that really didn't have any weird symbols in it, but it looked weird. I thought it was my internet browser, but I'm still having the same problem.

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There are still many things wrong with the upgrade. I think it looks better on the outside, but there is a lot of things wrong underneath. I have mentioned these in the "upgrade" thread in this section, but no one else seems to have noticed all the bugs that I have. Perhaps it's just me.

One of the things I noticed was that all the comments in my gallery had been deleted! No one else has mentioned this. So again, was it just me?

I'm beginning to grow weary of complaining. I think I will give the forums a miss for a month or 2 & come back when they are working properly...if they ever are! sad.png

Edited by Manticore
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