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Very Strange Adult Acne...

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Hello folks! I've been a member of acne.org since November 07, when my adult acne started! I was 20 at the time and now I am 24. My skin is starting to break out again...and I've realized some interesting things... and am wondering if anyone can relate!

I wrote a blog about my acne, the first one was back in the Fall of 2007 when it started and then after several months, my skin cleared... then two years later in the Fall 2009 it came back again, and I wrote another blog about it... and then by February/March of that same year my skin cleared.

NOW two years from 2009 ... my acne is back! I am noticing breakouts along the sides of my mouth, chin, jaw area and I had a few last week on my cheeks as well...

So Fall 2007 I had acne, it cleared... Fall 2009 I had acne it cleared... and now Fall 2011 I am starting up again...

I am very confused as to what this pattern means. My acne history is that, through my younger years and my teens and such, I never had acne. An occasional pimple now and then, but nothing to make me be upset over. Only when I hit my 20s is when my acne started, I'm talking horrible, horrific red marks and bumps all over my face. I've had a history of missed periods, I used Birth Control at one point to regulate my period and it cleared me up, but the side effects, the anxiety, the weight gain, the depression really messed me up... so I stopped taking it.

Since then my skin has seemed to develop some sort of strange pattern of erupting in the Fall season but only every two years. My mother said "Maybe it's the change of the seasons?" That could be well and true, but then why wouldn't my skin break out EVERY Fall season, and not just every two years? And on top of that, once your skin adjusts to the changes in the weather, it should clear up and regulate, at least that's the way it is for most people I know who tend to break out a bit when the seasons change... but again, everyone is different. I also live in NY... it certainly doesn't start feeling like real crisp Fall weather until mid October, at least where I live. Lately it's been nothing but rain, damp, humid and gross out.

My period this month was unusually light, almost non existent in fact, which seemed strange to me. My acne has always been hormonal, I'm not one of those lucky people who can just use Proactive and a week later have crystal clear skin. I've used pretty much every OTC acne skin gel, cleanser, toner, lotion... After a while I gave up. I also used Dan Kerns stuff, but it didn't help strongsad.gif

I am pretty much stumped on this... I relished every single day I had clear skin. Waking up and not having to face the day stressing about new bumps, blemishes and scars was amazing to me. Acne is a very humbling thing.

I am going to see a dermatologist next month, a different one then the last one I went to back in 2009... This derm is a trusted woman, my sister went to her and raved about her, and my mother sees her as well for annual skin exams. I am also slated to see my GYNO in November... I am sure my skin will be much worse by that point judging simply by how similar my current situation is to my situations in years passed saywhat.gif

I am just curious to know if there is anyone here who can relate to this, give advice or something... anything.

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wow our stories are alike except I dont get acne flarups every 2 years. I like U never really had acne as a teen. Im 31 now and had ONE major breakout in my life around 22yrs of age where I seen a derm and it went away with 6months or so. But now Im 31, my period was NON existant this month & I been breaking out in the SAME spots u have been. Some are cystic around the chin (ive had 2 cystic ones) but the rest are mainly ALOT of whiteheads. I belive it was because of Makup I was wearing and the way I cleaned my face to get it off and maybe hormones as well. (PLEASE DONT EVER BUY MAC FOUNDATION OR SILICONE PRIMERS) I work from home So Ive NOT been wearing any makup except maybe 2-3 times a WEEK TOPS. I did order Proactive and it was really burnin my skin so I started reallly slow. RIght now I took dans adivce and No longer use their face cleansing soap except maybe once a week for a good exfoliant. Only thing I use is the repairing lotion which I like cus it has a mild moisturizer in it so ur face isnt SUPER DRY and flaky and can adjust to stronger levels of BP. I worked this in VERY SLOWLY over the course of a month, but still gettin very mild breakouts, right now I have 2 active pimples but they are tiny lil whitheads, I have decided NOT to pop them and let the BP (benzo peroxie just dry them up so I dont get any more scars or cause any more breakouts) I am too goin to my OBGYn to have hormones checked and etc. ANd Ive put the Derm on the hold, cus I know he just gona give Anti Boitics and face cream that already has BP in it. So Ill save the $300 ( I have no coverage) Plus he might lok at me and say "U dont have acne cus Im pretty clear right now, its the scars that are bothering me, they are lil red scars BUT ALOT of them around my chin & some on inner cheek area. SOO emabaressing. But Im just tryin to stay clear which to me means NO BUMPS for a month straight) ANd Ill still use the BP on my face just not as much. It barely dries my now that Im used to it, but plan on ordering dans stuff for my teenager who is 15. And for me to use only at night. Ur acne is probably just coincedence that its every 2yrs, I wudnt think much into it. Be happy its not every year, lol. This is the 1st time my skin been like this in 10yrs so Im really schocked. I use Cetpaphil cleansing lotion, NO TONER, Benzo peroxide 2.5% Proactive cream ALL over my face, even when it dries, I do another layer, then wait about 20min and put on some cetpaphil moistiurizing lotion. I dont know if BP can help hormonal/cystic acne, but it sure is keeping ANY bacteria from having a chance to grow on my face. Its like disinfecting the SKIN all day and night , since I do AM & PM so Bp is COnstanlty goin to work on my pores and killing bacteria. Id try that, I have to say I DO SEE A DIFFERNCE and just about 3 weeks ago I had about 10lil bumps at ONE TIME even clogged pores under the skin that were flesh colored ( I did extract once they became hardened and opened the top layer of skin a lil bit) STRINGS OF HARD Lines of Sebum were coming out, felt good to get that crap out, SO i feel the BP is brining this crap to the surface and killing any bacteria under the skin thats tryin to form as well. Once I stay clear for a few months ima get a chemical peel to lighten some scarring. My scars always seem to go away farily quick but I have soo many that I just want to kickstart the process. I prally have about 12 lil scars of hyperpigmentation goin on, Easiiy coverd with makup but still embaressing to go to Gym and etc with all the scars. Ive come to a point that I DONT CARE and Im just leaving off the makup and gettin clear. (Ps My FAVE foundation is Estee Luader DW and Tarte (tarte is very good for the skin all natural ingerdients and Estee is Non comeogenic Non acnegenic, Frag Free, Oil free they actually both are, Estee just gives a bit better coverage but is dryin on the skin, Tartes Re-create is very moisturizing and not as long wearing or FULL coverage but feels lovely on the skin, has medium coverage ) I belive with ALL my heart MAC Studio Fix broke me out. So wathch what makup ur using, Ive compiled a list of Lines that are ok for the skin, But of course U DONT wana wear everyday..( Minerals w/out bismuth Oxycloride , Loreal, CoverGirl Aqua, Almay, Neautgrena, Korres, CoverFX, Tarte, Estee Lauder, Origins, Dermablend, 100%pure, and I hear about Clinqiue but never checked into it yet)

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I am 37 and like you didn't really have acne as a teen. I really started to breakout after my daughter was born 3 yrs ago. I break out so bad before my period. I am now on minocycline and retin a. My face is clear except for some dark spots left. I think I really needed an oral antibiotic. BP and all of the soaps were just making my face worse and worse. I am hoping once I get done with the minocycline I don't become a mess again!

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The simple way to get rid of the acne is to replenish your body with plenty of water, do practice daily yoga or exercises, use aloe Vera gel at night, wash your face twice a day, do not apply any kind of lotion or cream because it makes our skin more oily which is one of the cause for acne and eat fresh fruits. All this will definitely help you to get rid of the acne problem.

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