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Recommend Me A Good Moisturizer Without Spf, Please

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I currently have OLAY Complete SPF15 Sensitive Skin

I'm a soccer referee so I use it for work as well

Looking for an "SPF-less" moisturizer that I can use on daily basis/at home and use OLAY Complete SPF15 Sensitive Skin for work

I hope it's not too complicated

Thanks for you time!

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Skin is so different from person to person. So here are some I've tried and some that others have liked!

1. Avene -Love it. They have great products for sensitive skin. Plus ask customer care for free samples.

2. CerAve. Some praise it-I reacted (acne) from it. CeraVe Gentle cleanser is amazing!!

3. Cetaphil. No reaction to greasy.

4. Aveeno was so so. No reaction-it was just blah.

5. Vanicream lotion broke me out. Vanicream cream balled up on my skin if I used to much-never really moisturized.

6. La Roche Posay has good lotions for sensitive skin.

7. When in doubt do research...check out http://www.beautypedia.com/ and http://www.ewg.org/skindeep/. They are full of useful information and product reviews.

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I like Sephora's Instant Moisturizer. It's $20 + tax and 1.67 oz I think? Better than some of the $50/1 oz creams out there. I find drugstore moisturizers to be alright but nothing groundbreaking in terms of active ingredients. (Most of the time.)

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I like Clarins daily energizing cream. I notice a difference in my skin when I use that as opposed to other creams. It helps fade scars and gives me a much nicer complexion without makeup than anything else I've tried. It's about $25 a jar and lasts me a long time. I have super sensitive skin (a present accutane left me... even a year later) and I have no issues with this moisturizer. I'm not sure how old you are but it's specifically for "young skin" (up to late twenties is what the lady at Sephora told me. As well Nivea visage rich moisturizing day care is decent. It's cheap (under $10) and I never had any breakouts from it, but it never wowed me either.

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I have combination skin and a tendency for mostly non-inflamed acne- and I LOVE the "Hydralight Moisture‑Infusing Lotion" by Paula's Choice. It makes my skin soft, dewy and flake-free, and reduces fine lines and redness. And of course, it doesn't break me out. I was not expecting much when I ordered it- I was just looking for a decent moisturizer without SPF. It simply blew me away!

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