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backstory: i've been using yaz bc since august 2010..so a little over a year now. and i've been using spironolactone since may 2011..so almost around 5 months. this combination hasn't cleared me up and i still have a ton of spots on my cheeks, which are mainly my only problem areas. if my derm doesn't see an improvement in november, he wants to stop giving me the spironolactone (i'll probably still be using the yaz though), and encourage me to go on accutane. but im really worried about the IB.

but is it possible that maybe the IB i have won't be that bad? since i've been on yaz for awhile now, maybe it will somehow keep the IB minimal? or is the IB always bad no matter what?

and for those who had a really bad IB, were you still able to wear makeup and did it look decent? or did you have days where the breakout was so bad that makeup didn't help and had to stay in the house? im just worried that i might miss work because i deal with customers and if my makeup doesn't look decent, i don't want anyone to see me. i get extremely self-conscious and have to stay home.

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The IB is different from everyone, i didnt think i was going to have a bad IB and i did and it was very bad but i know some people who never had an IB and started clearing up after the first week. The only way to really find out is to start taking the accutane and go from there.

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yeah i guess i'll just have to wait and see. well i'll ask my derm more questions when i see him next month about the IB and other side effects since im extremely concerned about them. im guessing he'll put me on a low dosage at first just to see how i react to it. plus doesn't the dosage depend on height and weight? i'm 4'10 and 105-110lbs..so i don't think i'd be allowed to have a really high dosage

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