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I just want everyone to know that if your feeling down in the dirt (like I did).. If things feel like there going allll wrong in your life, and to TOP it off, here comes a spur of acne filling up your once clear skin, THERE IS HOPE! I have suffered from mild acne since the beginning of high school, but for some odd reason when I got out of high school and started working out heavy it hit me HARD. All the sudden a few pimples turned into 20 and even 30, and ALL on my face. I took accutane for a year and my acne disapeared, but with a hefty price. A HUGE flare up and probably twice as many scars because of that flare up... and extremely dry skin, nose bleeds, and even mental imbalances that weren't there before. Nonetheless a year went by with NO acne and than here it comes again, and RIGHT when things were going sour of course the acne flares up. I got up to about 15 pimples (and im not talking about blackheads, I'm talking cysts and big pimples) and I HAD TO DO SOMETHING. I looked ALL OVER the internet for a way to stop this process from starting all over again, and LORD KNOWS I wasn't going back for a second dose of accutane. After a lot of searching (and finding a lot of assholes just trying to make a buck of our weakness) I found Acne.org and Ill tell you right now Im VERY HAPPY the guy who made this site was kind enough to share his knowledge (AT NO COST) with the world. Sure, he might be making money, but he gives away his knowledge without you having to pay for it ahead of time. AND grants you a way to pay LESS money than you would at the store to buy the products to clear your face. I've been doing this regiment (exactly as directed, except maybe not exactly feather touch) and Ill those 10 cysts and pimples are GONE. It has been about three-four months and I honestly haven't missed a single application because I'm DETERMINED to keep my acne problems in my past. Dont give up and let acne continue to be a hamper on your good looks. Dont let acne hurt your confidence anymore. Ive been there and trust me I know how it feels just as much as any of you, because Ive had it BAD. It does damage that can be prevented by taking the correct steps to prevent it. So STICK TO THE REGIMENT AS DIRECTED AND BE PATIENT. Its a process and it wont happen overnight, but I PROMISE YOU it WILL HAPPEN. Every case and severity is different, but just realize that this is not a magic pill .. Its a application of cleanser, medicine, and moisturizer that MUST BE DONE EVERYDAY. You start slacking and you will see that your face gets worse. I had to post this because Im thankful that theres are people out there that wanna help, and that have helped me not only physically, but mentally. I couldn't be happier with my face =).

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