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Acne Cyst Is Always Growing! Help Please!

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So I had a lot of cyst in the past but I don't know why!

My mom said it may be my dad because he had a lot of pimples. I am depressed half of the time.I have low self esteem. I always grow cyst and it's getting annoying and it makes me feel ugly. I am a guy BTW. I want to know how to prevent it from getting bigger. I have no money so I can't go see a dermatologist. Its on stage one. Which is that it's starting to hurt and the shape is forming. Aparently 3 is growing next to eachother on my nose. What can I do? People in school make fun of me because I don't like sports and call me gay and I don't want them to make fun of me more! I am washing my face everyday and doing everything I can but its not working! Please help.

I been getting a lot of cyst lately too.... I had one on the tip of my nose 2 months ago. Its barely starting to go away.

How can I prevent it or make the chance of getting it lower? Any way to make it stop growing any more? Thanks.

Note- as i said I don't have enough money to buy any products.

This is what it looks like. I can't take a clear picture of it. But it's starting to form. It starts to hurt when i touch it and it happened to all my other cysts. http://s1113.photobucket.com/albums/k516/umbubblegum/?action=view&current=snapshot.png

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I'm a 21 year old female and I know where your coming from . I too have cysts on my cheeks and it seems to me like nothing I do is helping. I went to a derm got meds prescribed and there still there, i mean there not painful but the bumps are there. I know that you mentioned that your not financially stabled to go see a derm but to me it doesn't look that severe. You should try

leaving it alone for a week and if still hasnt healed or pus hasn't discharged from it yet then you should try applying some BP on it and then

moisturize with aloe Vera 100% natural.

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There are many reviews and topics about natural products that you have have around the house. I've heard great things about honey, lemon juice, baking soda, and green tea. Maybe look at the more natural solutions. If you can spare a little money, maybe buy a spot treatment. I use a 10% BP spot treatment that makes the cysts to away in about 3-4 days. It was about 7 dollars.

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Honestly you can try home remedies, but usually when it's moderate/severe and cystic you'll need something more like antibiotics or accutane especially if it's genetic/hormonal like mine. You can try to eat healthy and make sure you sleep enough at night. And I agree with Evelynne. If you can try to save up a little money BP it might help. If you DO try something try to stick with it for a month. It usually takes awhile to show results. It's hard to wait but do your best! AND DON'T PICK!!!

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Have you ever tried castor oil on your cysts? A bottle of organic cold pressed is about $10 or so. The only other thing you need is hot water or if you really wanna get into, gauze and medical tape (about $8).

I've had cystic acne for 5+ years and it's the only thing that's REALLY helped clear & prevent them.

Let me know if you wanna know more. Fast results too, I got rid of almost all of mine in 2 weeks :) I can almost touch my face without feeling any pain, it's amazing!

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Hey I know how bad it is to have acne, especially cystic acne, so I really want to help you. Even if you don't have a lot of money, you can still work on it. There are some great home remedies for acne, and believe it or not they do work great, most people don't think so, but they do. Now mind you these won't completely clear you, but they may help you, everyones skins different, but heres a list of things to try that are fairly cheap:

Egg White( eww I know, but it works) So just crack and egg and put the egg whites on your face. Let it dry, and then wash off, or if you have very congested pores you can place toilet paper on top of the eggwhites when wet on your face and let it dry. Then you just pull it off and it really cleans out your pours cheaply. Egg white also reduces oil on your face.

Lemon Juice can be effective at drying out pimples. It is also very harsh on your skin, so be sure to dilute it and use sparingly, sometimes harsh things aren't the best for acne.

Try to reduce swelling with ice cubes and warm water on affected areas, and relax to reduce stress which worsens acne, and i can tell your stressed, so relax.

If you can afford to I would look into a benzoyl peroxide treatment or facial wash that is effective but not to harsh.

Mainly I would just be gentle, especially if they're painful, because if you use something harsh, then it will just get worse and get redder. For now just hang on, I know its tough, but if you stay strong and love yourself it won't seem so bad, trust me, when you start hating yourself, things get into a hole new mess bigger than before. Hope is key.

Along with this, diet is extremely important! Some say its not, but you'll see the difference yourself. So you should avoid these foods to make sure you don't make the problem worse until you can afford to get proffesional help from a dermatologist or get a product to help. Foods to Avoid:

Refined sugar

Refined flours, starches

Dairy! Many people are allergic to dairy and it can worsen your acne even if your not, so be wary of dairy.

Hydrogenated oils, trans fats

High sugar foods

Peanut Butter! I don't know if you eat it or not, but it will make you break out like hell! It did for me, I'll never eat it again.


Foods to eat:

Foods high in omega 3s, like walnuts, almonds, salmon, olive oil.


Green Tea

Foods high in Vitamin A, like dark green leafy veggies and carrots (vit. A is key to healthy skin, try to get a supplement if possible, but don't over due it)

Foods high in Vitamin E, I can't think of any right now but be sure to look into it

Vegetables! You can never have to many, and try not to put to much dressing on, instead spray some olive oil on instead

Blueberries are great and have lots of antioxidants for your skin

Foods high in Vitamin C, or supplement if possible, oranges, tangerines, etc.

Mainly eat healthy, mainly veggies and fruits with some starches here and there.

Hope this helps, I'm going off of my own personal experience and what I've learned to work for me. Good luck, and stay strong! biggrin.png

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