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Clear After 1 Month - Question About Lowering Dosage


I started a course of Accutane almost exactly 1 month ago today. My acne was moderate to begin with, and I was put on 90mg per day. I weigh about 74kg.

The results I've seen are incredible - I encountered a bad initial breakout but after 2 weeks not only had the IB cleared up, I was seeing dramatic positive results. After 1 month now I am basically completely clear.

The side effects though; horrible lips which constantly peel, slight Angular Cheilitis and (the most frustrating) noticeable facial redness. I am considering dropping down to 30mg soon. Questions:

- Am I likely to encounter a breakout? Will oil production increase again with me dropping down to 30mg from 90, or now that my face is clear should 30 be enough to keep the acne at bay for the remainder of the course? (I intend to increase the length of the course if necessary to account for the lower dosage, so that the cumulative dosage remains the same as what it would be if I were on 90mg the whole way through)

- Is lowering the dosage likely to affect the redness at all?

It would be preferable if I could now drop down to say, 5-10mg a day, and increase the length of the course significantly to keep the cumulative dosage the same - but I guess it would be a bad idea to ask my derm to let me do that?


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90mg is WAY too much for someone who weighs only 75kg!

Did you get the prescription from a dermatologist or a regular doctor? There's a good chance you're not supposed to take that much. 40mg per day is the "normal" dose.

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perhaps you should get an appointment with a dermatologist (skin disease doctor). A second opinion never hurts

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