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Please Read! I Really Need Help And Dont Know Where Else To Go! Please!

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my name is John and I really need some help with this acne problem, I am 17 and have struggled with this for sooo long...it is really frustrating...Im not sure whats on my face anymore and I really need some help I posted a picture of my face and if someone could tell me whats going on I'd love to hear it...and any suggestions would be really appreciated!



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Hey John, It looks to me like you have a moderately severe case of acne, everything you need to know about it can be found on this site in the "Acne Info" Tab, and everything you need to know about how to clear your skin can get found in the "Get Clear" tab. both are found near the top left of the page. In my experience the most effective way to eliminate your acne is Dan's Regimen, I highly recomend his products specifically. Welcome to Acne.org, best of luck to you, any more questions feel free to ask, were all in this together.

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I really appreciate your reply, I went to the dermatologist not to long ago and she said that I might want to try accutane. Do you think that Dan's regimen could be as effective?

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I never took Accutane, and I don't know too much about it other than that it could eliminate acne permanently but it doesn't cure it for everyone theres more information about it on this site in that Acne Info tab. I think Dan's Regimen is equally if not more effective than accutane but the thing is is that Dan's Regimen takes time before it works and the first few weeks suck because of the side effects of BP, I started seeing results within the first week and was completely clear by week 8 and i had minimal side effects, but some people on this site didn't get results until their fifth or sixth month and they had side effects until their third or fourth month, everyone's skin reacts differently, but on the bright side there aren't any permanent side effects of BP plus once it starts working you'll be clear for as long as you use it or until your body naturally grows out of acne(not everyone grows out of it) ultimately it's up to you and your derm to decide whats best for you but if you want my recomendation I'd say try Dan's Regimen for a while, preferably at least 6 months and if by then you aren't having good results then I would look into Accutane.

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Hello John.

This is what I did that really improved on my acne problem.

(1) Professional help = Seek a dermatologist for treatment. I took antibiotics initially for about 6 to 12 months. The antibiotics helped control the acne.

(2) AHA Treatment = I started using AHA gel 10% for my acne face 3 times per week in the night to control the acne from coming out. On alternate nights, I use light moisturizer too. (Note: Do a small test patch on the side of your jawline or cheek before doing on whole face. Light irritation and redness is common during treatment.)

(3) AHA light chemical peel = Once a month, I went for a light AHA peel (35% to 50%) to help further control the acne and reduce the acne red marks at a doctor clinic. You can order from the internet if you want. Nowadays, I do it myself at home...with 20% salicylic peel. Ask your doc, he or she will know what to do.

(4) Healthy diet = I changed my diet and omitted those junk food such as Macdonald's Fries and Mcspicy burger as they always give me pimples after that. I drank a lot of green tea and included more veggies in my diet. I exercised about 3 times each week...usually brisk walking or light jogging.

(5) Patience and carefree mentality = I took my time and did not rush or give up halfway during the treatment. Also, I just try to enjoy my life and stay happy. Eventually, about after 2 years of battle with acne, my face cleared up with occasional one or two spots every several months.

This is based on my own experience. Hope you can find an effective way to treat your acne. Good luck...! =)

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It depends on what you've tried. If antibiotics failed or you became immune to them and the acne returned then that's not going to work. Eating well won't hurt your face obviously, but it's only one aspect of what you probably need to do. If your parents also suffered from acne then you're probably going to be stuck with this if it's genetic unless you try something like accutane. But, there are a lot of side effects so I would review those and see if you want to risk it. It's usually a lot more dangerous for girls so that's a plus.

I tried Minocyclene, Doxycyclene, Ampicillin, and like three other antibiotics. I tried BP and I tried Retin A and sulfur creams and azelex. Finally after two years of trying I finally found that it was hormonal/genetic. Sometimes the other stuff just doesn't work. It's up to you. Good luck in your decision!

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Dude u look exactly like waht i did a few month ago, see my threads. im pretty much clear now.

Shower in am

shower in pm, after shower in pm, simple cleansing wipes, simple moisturise and then isotretanoin gel on active spots,

and one tetrasyl tablet each day

worked well for me.

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