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Andante's Accutane Log - 2011/2012

Hi Everyone,

My name is Jenna. I am a long time lurker of these message boards. I'm just now getting up the nerve to start posting. This website has played a big part in my many acne treatments over the past couple years and is a constant source of encouragement for me. I follow quite a few of the Accutane logs and I figured it was time to start posting.

I am 24 years old and on my fourth week of my second course of Accutane. I have had acne since I was 12 and have tried everything under the sun. My derm always tells me my acne is "moderate to severe", but if I had to rate it myself I'd say its "moderate". My first course of Accutane went amazingly well. It took four months to see results, but by the end of the fifth month my skin looked wonderful.

Five months after stopping treatment I became pregnant with my second child and my acne came back full force. When my son turned one I made the extremely difficult decision to stop breastfeeding him in order to give Accutane another go.

I plan on writing about my experience here, but I have also put together a blog with photo and video updates. It can be viewed at:


Week four photos and video log are up. The quality of my video is poor due to the age of my webcam - but I did my best!

I am going to post photos every week. I don't think I will end up doing a video update every single week, so I will just play that part by ear!


Right now I have some very mild side effects. Dry skin on face and arms. Dry, flaky lips. Dry eyes. Slightly inflamed acne. Over the past few weeks I've had some painful cysts, but for the most part my face has remained unchanged for better or for worse.

Week One: 10mg/day

Week Two: 10mg/day

Week Three: 60mg/day

Week Four: 60mg/day

Looking forward to seeing more amazing transformations on this board - and here's to hoping I will be among them!


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Hi Jenna! biggrin.png

I'm so glad I found your log! I'm feeling kind of down about my skin right now but your log made me smile. Of the many I've read, your introduction is definately the most detailed I've seen with the video and all. That's great by the way, you seem so positive about everything. Awesome! cool.png

Your acne seems very much like mine, targetting those specific areas. I'm treating the very same areas at the moment with topicals. Have been for the last thirteen years actually which really sucks sometimes. My doctor previously told me it wasn't bad enough for Accutane but I'm going to try again and really push for it because I feel it's justified after so long.

I guess you kind of know the score as far as side effects and things are concerned, having done it before. With any luck, that might make your second experience a little easier to get through if you know what's coming. Hope it works out that way.

I'll certainly keep track of your log and drop by to support you on your journey. I wish you the best of luck and hope that when the times comes to post "after" pictures, you'll have achieved your aim of getting totally clear!


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Thanks so much for the reply Paul!

I think I'm so detailed this time because I did such a poor job of keeping track of my progress last time. I took week one, six and twelve photos and that was it! Now when I look back I'm disappointed that I didn't write more down and take more photos.

The first time around it was very frustrating because I felt like it was taking forever to see progress. Now that I know this I can relax about it a bit more1 I know progress is coming but it's a long road!

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