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Where Does Aha Fit In?


I'm sorry if this topic has been covered a bunch (I'm not that sorry), but I am wondering where AHA+ fits into the regimen? My routine is two pumps of cleanser in the AM, shave, two pumps of treatment, two pumps of moisturizer. PM is same only jojoba oil mixed with the moisturizer to control any dryness (I live in the desert). I am wondering where AHA+ fits in? Some days I decide to do one pump moisturizer and an equal amount of AHA+, the tingle of the AHA+ feels like it is doing something, but what is not clear. This routine has kept me pretty clear over the past 2 months. An occasional volcano, but otherwise quickly clearing bumps or under the skin acne. In other words I am happy. This website mentions AHA+ as a spot treatment, and a moisturizer, I am confused by this. What is this stuff doing and where does it fit in? Any help is greatly appreciated (and all laziness is resented) ;)

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hi :)

its recommended that you use the AHA as a moisturizer at night

you build up the use, like use it once the first week, twice the second week, etc (something like that)

ive tried this but i feel like its robbing my skin of the moisturizer, but im going to try using the AHA in place of BP a couple nights a week maybe and see how it goes

Dan also recommends to use the AHA as a spot treatment after BP, so if you feel a spot coming, put BP, then later put on AHA. this works pretty well :)

the burning is to be expected because its an acid, as long as its not unbearable, youll be fine. if it is unbearable, use less

good luck!

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