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Are These Scars/large Pores Healable?

Please take a look at these photos. I have had these for a long time, like since I was a teenager ( 29 now ). I started using AcneFree Severe 3 weeks ago and there has been good results are far as clearing up blemishes and such, but wondering about these pores and if they will go away or if there is a way to get rid of them?










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Guest Timehealsall

i have pores like these. you know whats awkward though? some of my pores enlarged in areas i never had a pimple

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I have these too and the only person that notices them is us. Nobody else cares since they are not examining our face like we do every day.

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I have pores like yours in the same area (nose check) as a result of foliculitus that went misdiagnosed as ance for years before I cleared it up. I am also very self conscious of them since they dont match the texture of the rest of my face and stick out like a sore thump. I have not seen a dermatologist or esthetician about them, but there is always something you can try if u are willing to accept the cost and risks. These are a lot of options out there so if its bothering you to the point where it affects your life, your should do something about it. I am still researching and have not decide what I want to try but am open to suggestions.

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