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Help! My Pore Strips Are Always So Gross! Why Is My Nose And Chin Area So Bad/bumpy?

You know those pore strips? I think its Biore now that makes it. Well they work GREAT!

But I'm wondering WHY are my nose/chin area always so bumpy with these disgusting things even though I use these pore strips regularly.

Its usually very bad right at the creases... the corners of my nose and right under my lips where there is a crease. Has anyone else had this problem? How have you treated it? Im so desperate for an answer! even when i put makeup on, it looks bad around my nose and chin area because of how bumpy it is from being full of blackhead/whiteheads!

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Blackheads are a totally normal part of your skin. How big they appear varies from person to person. It sounds like you have maybe more noticeable pores than you'd prefer. Pore strips are kind of like a band-aid, a temporary fix. If you really want to minimize your pores I recommend using an acid. Glycolic acid is great for making pores appear smaller and cleaning them out better. Strips will just take whatever is in there out (mostly) from each day. Use a glycolic cleanser (make sure to massage in for at least 30 seconds, preferably 60) and see if that helps.

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Guest Timehealsall

i actualy heard that pore strips can further stretch poers

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