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Need Help With Skincare Regimen, Afraid Of Bp!

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I am completely at a loss when it comes to skincare regimens. I don't know what you need -- cleanser, toner, moisturizer, treatment? What about exfoliators? Oil? Masks? Scrubs, anti-aging stuff, etc?

I'm 23 years old and have moderate acne I suppose...my skin never seems to react well to toners. It's very, very dry and sensitive.

I used Dan's BP for a while and it never cleared me completely, but it did the best job of anything else I've tried. Yet now I'm reading things saying BP is dangerous for long term use, or it causes your skin to age prematurely...and that's scaring me a little!

I'm also afraid of being dependent on an acne cream for the rest of my life :( I'm on BC pills, I try to give myself facial steaming treatments once or twice a week, but I'm at a loss for what to do! Is BP the way to go? Salicylic acid? Sulfur? I can't afford a derm right now :(

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You could maybe try a niacinamide toner, made with just niacinamide and water. It is probably the alcohol in most toners that your skin dislikes.

I have used a niacinamide toner before that i made myself, i liked it a lot. It reduced my acne and felt pretty good too.

I live in the UK and get my niacinamide from active extracts who have a recipe for the toner on their website. But if you live in the US there will be another company who sells it i guess.

Using niacinamide and retin a three times a week was the best thing for my acne.

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Oh no. Someone give this person skincare bootcamp! I don't know what to tell you--there are SO many products, all serving very different functions.

Here, this will get you started:

Note that, a normal regimen would have the following setup:

1. cleanser, rinse

2. mask, wash off

3. tone

4. exfoliate with any liquid toners

5. serums

6. sprays, mists

7. moisturizers

8. healing powders (daytime) or spot treatments (nighttime)

(Steps 3-6 tend to be considered the "water-based" part of your routine. Step 7 is the lipophilic, or "oil-based" part of your routine. Oils, moisturizers and so on are step 7. It's a good idea to order your products based on this characteristic. For example, I wouldn't recommend applying an HA serum and oil at the same time. HA serums are usually water based, and oil is obviously oil. Oil and water don't mix--hence, apply separately. If you have another water-based serum or spray, feel free to mix it with the HA serum and apply at the same time).

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Yuck, BP.

NEVER touch the stuff, please. I know a lot of people say it helps, but it will ruin your skin in the long run.

Here's my complete regime:


Cleanse with Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser and Clarisonic Brush ( there's your cleansing and your exfoliating )

Tone with Spectrum Unfiltered Organic Apple Cider Vinegar ( half APV half water in whatever kind of bottle you can find to put it in, I've been using it for YEARS. It's gentle, especially watered down, helps with red marks, exfoliates chemically with AHA. As long as you can stand the smell tongue.png )

Moisturize with pure Aloe Vera gel from an Aloe Vera plant ( Also been doing this for years, I love Aloe Vera )


Same as the morning.

I don't take any special pills, I don't eat any special diet ( Well, aside from generally healthy, not a ton of junk food ). I've had some weak moments where I'd foolishly stray from this routine for whatever stupid reason, and I'd break out like no tomorrow, with awful deep cysts. When I was in my early teens I tried Salicylic Acid because it was a good acne fighting chemical and not as harsh as BP. I must be allergic to it or something, but I just can't use it, I break out so horribly every time I use something with SA in it. Which all 'n all isn't a bad thing, SA isn't any better for your face than BP is.

Now? Blemish free. I get like, one itsy bitsy spot every two weeks if even that, never break out on my period, etc. etc. Like any other routine, it took time for me to experiment with what worked for my skin and to actually see results, but trust me, it works like magic. C: I'm even a little bad sometimes and forget to wash my face one night when I'm just toooo tired to get up ( Keep in mind I don't wear makeup save a dot of concealer on some old scars ). Thankfully I don't get consequences for it >.<

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you tube is my new favorite acne resource. You get to see the results of people's clear faces of the skin care they are touting to you!

I love this one I am picking up the things she mentions asap.

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