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Is It Bad To Take Alot Of Different Vitamins At Once?

I've recently started taking vitamins to fix up my acne and was just wonderig if its bad to take a different variety of vitamins on a daily basis.

Heres what I'm currently taking:


- x2 Borage Oil (AKA Starflower seed Oil) with x1 1200mg Lecithin.

- x1 25mg Zinc

- x1 400 mcg Chromium Picolate

- x1 500mg Vitamin B3

- x1 1000mg Vitamin C


- x2 Borage Oil with x1 1200mg Lecithin

- x2 25mg Zinc = 50mg of Zinc.

- x1 400mcg Chromium Picolate

- x1 1000IU Vitamin E

- x1 Vitamin C

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I would avoid taking minerals together with other minerals because many of them compete for absorption and may inhibit some of the others. Take them at separate times (zinc with some source of protein and try not to take it with a meal with too much fiber because the fiber can inhibit absorption of it as well.) Same with fat-soluble vitamins (vit ADEK.) Besides that, there's not much else you need to worry about.

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It's good to get lots of vitamins at once, if you're eating a vegetable.

Not this crap though, you're confusing the shit out of your body. Eat real food, with real nutrients, and real digestive enzymes to digest and absorb them or you could just be ripping a hole in your gut.

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it's not necessarily bad, but it can diminish their effectiveness. Some do compete. And it's pointless to take water soluble vitamins just once per day. If you do a multi, look for one that involves several capsules or quick dissolving tablets per day. Or in liquid form throughout the day.

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